Chelsea Peitz, Snapchat Expert and Author of “Talking In Pictures”

By Cheval John

January 31st, 2018

Today’s episode of What’s The Word? features Chelsea Peitz, who is a snapchat influencer and author.

Chelsea works in the real estate industry and has built her brand using snapchat.

Many have thought that a business can’t see the return on investment (roi) with using snapchat because of the content disappearing in 24 hours.

Chelsea basically saw different as she formed a deep friendship with people who are now business partners via the snapchat app.

This has inspired Chelsea to write her book, “Talking In Pictures.”

She also hosts, “Chelschat,” a show about the latest third party apps and softwares to better improve your social media experience.

Chelsea has taken that same concept and launched her YouTube channel by the same name earlier this year.

In this episode, you will hear:

-what led her to join snapchat
-if snapchat will make it through this year
-the process of writing her book
-taking the leap into entrepreneurship

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Snapchat: Chelsea.Peitz

Quotes from Chelsea Peitz on:


My personality is kind of an all in personality.

So I committed to using it every single day for an entire year.

And I found some people that were in my industry.

Those four people turned out to be my closest friends in life and business partners now.

We have done so many things together.

We have created a community online.

We have created conferences.

If I would have told my mom two years ago that I was getting on a plane to meet strangers that I had never actually met in person, she would have said, “What are you doing, that’s unsafe. What are you thinking?”

There is something to communicating and building relationship with the camera that made me really think about how the landscape of social media and marketing was really changing and how we were creating these very close intimate relationships with people through the cameras in our smartphones that always had with us.

I started using snapchat and I didn’t know what to do.

So I said, “I’ll just make a show and I’ll share marketing tips everyday.”

As I kind of got into that, I kind of became known as the marketing person, the social media person.

Then I started doing a little bit more of my personal life and kind of my hilarious sense of humor.

I started to see an exponential change in the relationships that I had with people and I realized that you can’t do business all the time on snapchat, instagram stories and facebook stories because people really want relatability and relatability is the most underutilized marketing tactic today.

Going into this new adventure, I almost unknowingly built this global virtual board of directors and I can now reach out and collaborate with them and say, “I need somebody to teach me how to do YouTube.”

I have a great snapchat friend who is a YouTube expert.

Or I need somebody to teach me how to do SEO.

I have a great snapchat friend who’s an SEO expert.

The cool thing is that we’ll help each other and it’s like nothing I’ve never experienced before.

For me, snapchat is gonna have a very special place in my heart forever.

I’ll be very sad one day if they don’t exist.

There is something about holding someone in your hand everyday and watching their life.

You can’t fake who you are every single day all day forever.

So people really get to know who you are.


When I sat down with those people, “those strangers” if you will that I had never met before, we went to Salt Lake City and spent the weekend there and I brought my closest friend.

We were sitting in a Starbucks and my closest friend said to me “It’s really weird that it seems like you’ve known each other for years and I’m watching y’all talk and it’s just like you just saw each other yesterday.”

So that made me start to really think “What is different about snapchat” at the time because this was right when facebook live starte coming out before instagram stories.

It wasn’t specifically the platform itself.

It was the key elements that app brought to people which now other apps have.

It was really about the intimacy of the camera and showing your face because neuroscience we can’t help but connect with somebody when we see them eye-to-eye.

It was the psychological triggers of us going in there and getting feedback and wanting more.

It really changed from something that had happened in the past where we post something on facebook or twitter that had already happened to being this real-time visual communication which was a really fundamental shift in how we were creating communities and communication.

I didn’t rally know that when I started writing the book but I knew there was something that I wanted to do.

I documented that entire experience (writing the book) through snapchat and I will tell you that people sent me snaps of them holding my book and said, “I’m so excited. I watched you for a year writing this book on snapchat.”

That was really cool and that’s something very different about what you can do with these camera first platforms.

You can bring people into your story and become part of your journey.

You can document what you are doing and you never have to sell or give a sales pitch.

You don’t have any sales objections to overcome.

People will come to you and ask you to buy your product or sign up for whatever.

It’s the greatest experience ever and everything I do from here on out is camera first.

I also interviewed people for the book because I wanted to share the community and those people were really part of that journey with me because they saw the different pieces that were happening.


You see all these big names and what-have-you and people say, “How did you come up with the name?”

Nine times out of ten, it’s completely accidental.

I was trying to rebrand a couple of months ago and I called my snapchat people that I talk to everyday.

I said, “I just need to come up with a brand name. I’m gonna do a YouTube channel.”

All of them were like, “When I think of you, I think of Chelschat”

It just came out.

It wasn’t anything that I had specifically planned.

People on the street call me that.

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