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Question And Answer With Melanie Kania

Melanie Kania is a prime example of what being persistent is all about.

She graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2009 during the “great recession.”

She could have given into the notion of just settling for a job that was available.

Instead, she continued to be persistent and months later, she acquired internships with two public relations firms in the Houston area.

She is now with Weatherford International were she serves as a Communications Specialist.

We caught up with Melanie to get her perspective on the journey that led her to her current position.

Vallano Media: How long did it take for you to find that post-college job?

Melanie Kania: I graduated in 2009 during the height of the recession, so it took about nine months to find the job I have now. In the meantime I pursued internships to gain experience in public relations and was exposed to a broad range of industries, which led me to oil and gas where I am now.

 V.M. : Were you involved in any organization while in college?

 M.K. : Yes I was involved in: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honors Society, Public Relations Student Society of America, National Society for Leadership and Success, Golden Keys National Honors Society and Order of Omega.

  V.M. : Why should students get involved in an organization?

  M.K. : I believe that organization involvement is very important to college students and is an intregal part of one’s college experience.

  V.M. : Did you study abroad and if so, how has studying abroad impacts a student’s undergraduate/graduate career?

  M.K. : Yes I studied abroad through Sam Houston’s Puebla program and lived in Puebla, Mexico with a host family for a month. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had, and the memories made and lessons learned will be with me forever. The program gave me first hand exposure to another culture and I was able to see how they live and do business.

 V.M. : Looking back, was it worth attending college?

 M.K. : Absolutely, in fact I am planning to go back to pursue my Masters.

 V.M. : Final thoughts?

 M. K. : Get as involved as possible. Networking through my collegiate/ post college organizations led me to my current position and the internships along the way.

A “Decision” That Has Ramifications

by Cheval John

With the Miami Heat defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder last night by the score of 121-106 to win the National Basketball Association (NBA) title, Lebron James can finally be considered as one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history.

James scored 26 points, pull down 11 rebounds and added 13 assists.

For his efforts, he was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the NBA Finals.

Yes, he left the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Heat to reach this milestone in his career.

But the way how he left is something that still has to be looked at even though it has been almost two years since the infamous “decision.”

I can understand if he went to Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert and told him, “I did everything that he could to bring a championship to the city of Cleveland, but it wasn’t enough.”

“So I decided that I am going to the Miami Heat in order to increase my chances at winning an NBA title.”

That alone would have been more commendable and if Mr. Gilbert got mad, then that would have been his problem because he had every opportunity for seven years to build a team around James.

But instead, he decided decided to stage a one-hour special on ESPN to announce his decision.

That to me was unprofessional and a disgrace because he declared that I am more important than you and at the same time, it embarrassed the city of Cleveland.

No other superstar have done what he did because they understood that it was all about the team and the fans that pays big bucks to see their home team perform.

For example, Didier Drogba, who was with the English football (soccer) club, Chelsea, F.C. for 8 years, left for the Chinese club, Shanghai Shenhua after the 2011-12 season.

He played an integral role in the club winning their first UEFA Champions League title in Munich, Germany last month against hometown favorite Bayern Munich.

He could have left in the same fashion as James.

Instead, he told his entire teammates and the owner that he was leaving for other opportunities because he felt that it was the right thing to do.

He even did an interview with Chelsea T.V., the club’s own television station to explain his decision and thanked the fans for their support of the team.

Drogba understood that the club gave him a chance to prove himself and that it wasn’t about him, but it was about the team.

Also, he was honest with his teammates and the fans.

Because of that, he will be welcomed back with open arms whenever he wants to return to the club while Mr. James will always be remembered for that infamous “decision” no matter what he does for the remainder of his NBA career.

A Step In The Right Direction

by Cheval John

It looks like we might have a playoff after all.

Today, the commissioners of the BCS conferences agreed to a four-team playoff system at a meeting in Chicago.

The playoff will be a first in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), the highest division in college football

The move could come into effect in 2014 pending final approval by the board of college presidents, who are set to meet next week in Washington, D.C.

Before, the two top teams that would play for the BCS title was selected based off of strength of schedule, the type of conference that a team came from and an undefeated season.

The selection is made by the Associated Press writers, coaching polls and the BCS computers.

The teams plays at a designated site to determine the national champion.

What do you think about a playoff in the FBS?

Rodney King Dead At 47.

by Cheval John

Rodney King, the central figure that triggered the race riots in Los Angeles, died early this morning at the age of 47.

According to reports by CNN, police received a 911 call from his fiancee, Cynthia Kelly and discovered his body at the bottom of the swimming pool.

They tried to revive him, but was pronounced dead at a local hospital, Captain Randy DeAnda said.

King was beaten by L.A. Police officers more than 50 times after a routine stop in 1991.

The beatings was caught on video by an unidentified person.

He turned the video over to a local station and from there the video got national attention.

The riots began in L.A. after jurors acquitted the four officers a year later that lasted for three days that left 50 dead and 2,000 injured.

King was paid 3.8 million dollars from the city after the beating.

He said in a 2012 interview that it was his fear of being stop for a drunken driving charge in ’91 that motivated him to evade the police, who were trying to pull him over.

The Luckiest Man In The World

by Cheval John

I can truly say that I am proud that Eardley A. John is my father.

He has been there for us during the good times and the bad.

He has taught me lessons that I am trying to emulate today.

One lesson that sticks to my mind is “Never say that you can’t do it.”

The lesson behind that happened thirty-three years ago.

He was promoted to division manager of a industrial store after the previous manager was sacked for disclosed reasons.

He was there from the very beginning when the store opened in 1977 on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

It was a part of a chain of stores that was based in Puerto Rico.

When he became manager, he just went out with a can do attitude and grow the store from within.

Over the years, the stores was acquired by a global industrial corporation and he has learned new things along the way.

His hard work and dedication to us and his work is an example that I want to emulate

Hopefully, I can do what he did in a different capacity.