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Entire Book of 8 Lesson’s Every Podcaster Needs To Learn


Today’s post is different because I made an appearance on J.V. Crum’s Conscious Millionaire podcast,
I want to keep my promise to deliver two chapters of the book, “8 LESSONS EVERY PODCASTER NEEDS TO LEARN”

Instead of two chapters, here is the entire book below here on this post for you


Podcasting has made a resurgence in the last 10 years.
It was a once forgotten medium because the technology was only available on computers.
After Apple created the iPod in 2005, many flocked back to podcasting because they believed that they could reach a wider audience.
There are signs that podcasting will continue to grow in the near future.
The reason is because Apple has led the way in innovation again with their new product, the Apple Carplay.

Carplay allows anyone to connect their iPhone to their cars.

It was released earlier this year on selected car models like Ferrari, Honda, and Hyundai and will be available on all newer models with the rest of the big name brands in 2015.

Even if you don’t have the cash to spend on these newer model cars, you will have the opportunity to still get Carplay because Pioneer Electronics were one of the premier aftermarket manufacturers to collaborate with their new Firmware For Pioneer NEX In-Dash Receiver.

The product was released late last year and is available for any model type of cars.

One might think, This is all great, but what does all this have to do with podcasting?

The answer is everything, because the iPhone has given people the capability to download their favorite podcasts and listen to them anywhere.

That means that if you are small business owner, freelance writer, or a college student who is trying to showcase your expertise in order to land a dream job, etc., starting a podcast will allow you to reach your target audience and establish your credibility.

And it gets even better with Carplay because podcasters are able to reach people who have to commute to work on a weekly basis.

So you might still wonder, Why I should journey into podcasting when the medium is the 11th social media platform used by 6% of marketers, according to the 2014 industry report by Social Media Examiner?

The reason is because that same report has indicated that 21% of marketers are going to create their own podcasts this year and 24% are thinking of the possibility of having a podcast.

So if you are convinced and are ready to have your very own podcast, I salute you.

As you are thinking about what platform will best fit your podcasting needs, the third chapter, “Start A Podcast” in my first book, 8 Things You Need To Do Before Quitting Your Job explains what platform will work for the newbie podcaster.

When you come to a decision on which platform you feel comfortable with in creating your podcast,
more questions will enter your mind like, How do I secure my first guest? Should I reach out to that A-Lister or should I start local with the people I know?

This book, 8 Lessons Every Podcaster Needs To Learn will be the step-by-step guide to grow your podcast the right way. It is based on the lessons I learned the hard way while hosting my very own online radio show/podcast, “What’s The Word?” on BlogTalkRadio. My hope is that you will avoid the same mistakes as a podcaster and that you will grow your personal brand and establish yourself as a thought leader, whether you are a business owner, freelance writer, college student or even an employee.

Let the lessons begin.

Social Media Examiner :
AppleCarplay :

Pioneer Electronics:

1st Lesson: Start Locally

When many people are first starting out, they are tempted to reach out to the most recognizable person out there.

The logic is that the recognizable guest will ‘drive’ many listeners to the show.

It is very reasonable if you want to start your podcasting journey on the right foot.

However, this is the wrong approach.

Many of these big name people will not even give you a second thought because you are not big enough, especially if you are just starting your podcast.

They will feel nervous because they do not know what to expect.

That is why it is important to start locally because your potential guest already knows you and trusts you.

If you built that relationship with the people who are prominent in your area, then it will be easier to approach them to be one of the ‘first’ guests on your new show.

And once your podcast gains traction, it will be easier to reach out to the ‘big name’ people because they will see your track record and, nine times out of ten, they will accept.

When I was in preparation to launch my show, “What’s The Word?” I reached out to a ‘prominent’ person and she accepted the invitation.

Three days before the show was set to launch, she sent me a message saying that she was not able to do the show because she had to focus on her new clients and wished me luck.

Though I was bummed, it was a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to reach out to the people I already knew at my alma mater, Sam Houston State University.

The show launched a few weeks later and from that moment, I had many ‘well-known’ guests on the show.

So if you want to have a great start to your podcast career, it is really important to start locally.

2nd Lesson: Choose Your Niche

You might be wondering if you should aim for a general audience or go for a niche market.

You would think that it is easier to go after a general audience because you want to show that you are well rounded and also want to cater to everyone.

In a lot of ways, it might work if you want to display your experiences to a potential employer, or in the case of a freelancer, a client.

However, that can cause you to lose your audience because you are trying to please everyone and are stretching yourself thin.

The best thing to do when you are starting a podcast is to go for a niche market.

Whether it is marketing, sports, self-help, etc., you are solving a specific need and, in the process, creating a loyal following.

Dori DeCarlo, a seasoned entrepreneur, first got into podcasting after launching the show, “The Three Wise Girls” with co-hosts Debbie Barth and Linda Alexander.

During one of the shows, Dori did a two part segment on Mompreneurs, women who are moms and also entrepreneurs.

In the process of that segment, Dori found her niche.

With the encouragement from her co-hosts, Dori launched her own show called “Word of Mom” which evolved into the network, “Word of Mom Radio.”

In the four years since launching, the network has received over 70,000 downloads in 2013 and is continuing to grow.

So if you want to grow your podcast, focus on a niche market because, in doing so, you will separate yourself from the crowd.

Word of Mom Radio:

3rd Lesson: Research, Research, Research

So now you have landed your guest for your podcast and are counting down to the show.

One of the most important things you must do before the show is do your research.

You might say, “That is so obvious.”

The sad reality is many people don’t do their research on their guest.

The host might think they can ‘wing it’ with the guest on the show, however your audience can tell right away if you are on top of your game.

When you do your research on the guest, you will find out interesting things you never knew before, and from this research you can create some talking points which will be a guide for you once the show begins.

And when you ask your guests specific quotes, they will feel very valued because of the research you did before the episode.

Once that happens, the guest will refer your show to their friends who are also influential.

In addition, you will gain greater credibility with your listeners because they know that you are very disciplined in preparation and also your audience knows you value them.

Jared Easley, co-creator of the Podcasting Movement and author of the Amazon best-selling book,Podcasting Good To Great: How To Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration, grew his podcast, “Starving The Doubts” into a popular show.
His meticulous research on the guests before every show has made them feel at home.
As a result of his efforts, Jared’s podcast has been named the No.1 emerging podcast by both and the Huffington Post.

So if you want to gain more credibility with your podcast, you must research, research, research because, like Mr. Easley, you will earn respect from your guest and your audience.

Jared Easley:

Podcast Movement:


4th Lesson: Send The Reminder A Day Before The Show

I had booked a guest who was coming out with a new book.

Everything was scheduled and we were counting down to the day of the show.

Once the show began, the guest did not call in and I had to improvise while I was waiting for the person to dial the number for the show.

The guest sent me a message and said, “Her assistant did not send her the number to call into the show.”

So I gave her the number and the show went on as usual.

I could have avoided the blunder if I had sent a reminder to the assistant the day before with the number to call.

You might think you do not need to send them or their representatives a reminder because they said they got it jot down in their calendar.

However, it is always important to send a reminder because it can determine if you will have a great show, a mediocre show or no show at all.

As in my case, the show was near perfect after the blunder.

So how do you send a reminder the day before the show begins without feeling like you are being rude?

Below is an example of how to send the reminder notice for your guest:

“Jane Doe, I hope you are having a great week and I can not wait for the show tomorrow. Just in case, here is the number to call five minutes before the show begins at 3 p.m. eastern, 2 p.m. central, 1 p.m. mountain, noon pacific: 1-888-888-8888.

Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to make an appearance on the show.
Have a great day.”

Cheval John
Host, “Name of Podcast”

So to recap, if you want to make sure that you and your guest or the representative of the guest are on the same page, send a reminder the day before the show because you will avoid the awkward moment when you are by yourself doing the show without a guest.

5th Lesson: Be Yourself

Even though it is very important to have talking points from your research, you should not stick to the script.

You should try and be as conversational as possible with your guest and show your personality because a audience loves a person who is very authentic and willing to be real.

That does not mean you should talk about yourself the majority of the time while you are doing the show because it will come across as self-promotion.

Your main job is to showcase the guest and lift them up to your audience, not in the way that you do not have some disagreements about a particular subject.

If your guest ask you about your work, then you can chat about yourself for a bit.

Always keep in mind the 80/20 rule.

80% of the show is focused on the guest while 20% is focused on you.

6th Lesson: Be A Good Listener

One of the most important things a person can do during a podcast is listening carefully to what their guest are saying.

Most of the time, the interviewer will ask a question and then focus on what they are going to ask next.

When a person only focus on what they are going to ask instead of listening to their guest, they miss out on an answer so insightful that can benefit the listener.

If you don’t listen, the guest will believe that you do not care about what they have to share with you and your audience.

When that happens, your podcast might suffer and it will be hard to build it back up again.

So if you want to gain insightful information during your podcast that will benefit your audience, be a good listener.

Your guest will appreciate it so much that they will give you praise when they are showcasing their appearance on your podcast.

7th Lesson: Send A Thank You E-mail

When you finish your show, the first thing you should do is send a thank you e-mail to either the guest or the representative of the guest who made it possible for your show to happen.

The reason is it shows proper etiquette to the person who worked behind the scenes to connect you to their client.

Another reason is the person might be connected to someone who you admire and want to have on the show.

Let’s say you don’t send the “thank you e-mail” or even a thank you note to the person, you might think you are not hurting anyone.

However, your guest will remember how you showed no appreciation for them taking the time out of their busy schedule to be on your show.

Secondly, the person will tell their friends about how you did not send them a thank you e-mail.

Once that happens, it will be hard for you to gain more guests because of the negative perception you have created because you did not send a thank you e-mail.

On the flip side, when you send the thank you note, your “guest” will speak well of you because they have seen you have taken the time to thank them for being on your show.

When you least expect it, the person will connect you to their clients that would make great guests for your show.

As a result, your podcast will go to the next level.

8th Lesson: Network With Other Podcasters

Networking is one of the most tried and true ways to get yourself out there and promote your show.

One way you can network is by commenting on your fellow podcasters shows.

If you do that on a consistent basis, they will take notice and it can lead to them promoting your podcast or even landing a guest appearance on their podcast.

One thing you must remember is that networking is about providing value to the other person and not just asking for something.
If you go to a networking event and only hand out promotional materials about your show, you are sending a message that you are not interested in building a friendship and that your work is more important than theirs.

You must go into any networking event with a giver’s mentality and really be genuine about your fellow podcaster’s work.

Once you establish the friendship, then they will be eager to help you to take your podcast to the next level.

The only question now is where do you meet your fellow podcasters?
The places you can network with your fellow podcasters is at conferences, online groups, etc.

One conference that comes to mind is the World Domination Summit (WDS), an annual conference held in Portland, Oregon.

WDS is the place where you can meet fellow bloggers and podcasters like Jaime Tardy, John Lee Dumas and Chris Ducker.

They have an established audience and always share what worked for them and how their strategies of growing an audience can work for you.

So if you want to grow your audience, network with your fellow podcasters because you will build your credibility as a thought leader and also lift up the people who are doing great things in the world.


World Domination Summit:

Additional Websites:

Podcaster’s Hangout:

Podcast South Florida:


You have reached the conclusion of this book.

Hopefully, you will apply these lessons in order to be successful as a podcaster.

This book can be applied to whatever work you are doing.

Whether you are in public relations, journalism, etc., you must establish trust with your clients, readers or your viewers if you are going to succeed.

Podcasting may not be for everyone because what works for one person may not be a good fit for another person.

The only way that you can know if podcasting is right for you is if you try it out for yourself.

If you decide to go a different route, these same lessons will be beneficial for you to succeed in the long run.

Happy podcasting.

Yogi Berra Was A True Influencer

By Cheval John

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Yogi Berra was one of the most recognizable people in the sporting world.

He personified what it meant to be a great baseball player and a great person.

This past Tuesday, Mr. Berra passed away at the age of 90.

Mr. Berra won 10 World Series championships with the New York Yankees.

He also was a part of history when he caught Don Larson’s no-hitter during the 1956 World Series.

Many can say that he was Mr. Yankee because he had the heart of the champion and also played a huge role in making the Yankees the most recognizable brand in the world.

And he even transcended the sports world in a good way.

For example, ESPN’s College Football live did a segment of Mr. Berra’s famous quotes as it pertained to each college football team who were vying for a chance to make it in the College Football playoff.

And many people whether in the sporting world or outside of the sporting world had their reactions to the passing of Mr. Berra.

And each of the Major League Baseball teams had a moment of silence for Mr. Berra

One of the things that many should understand is that Mr. Berra lived his life to the fullest and stayed true to himself.

He will be truly missed by everyone.

And to close this post out, here are some of Mr. Berra’s famous quotes below that everyone including entrepreneurs can live by:

“It ain’t over till it’s over”

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.”

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

“In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.”

Ole Miss Created Their Own Luck In Win Against Alabama

By Cheval John

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Alabama were favored to win their matchup against the University of Mississippi last Saturday.

The Crimson Tide was No.2 in the Associated Press poll before their SEC mathchup with the Rebels.

They had the opportunity to show everyone that were watching on ESPN that they were going to make a statement and prove that they were on a mission to make it back to the national playoffs.

Also, they had a great record against Ole Miss over the years, but wanted to avenge last year’s loss.

Ole Miss had other ideas as they went into Bryant-Dennenhy Stadium and shocked the Crimson Tide 43-37.

The Rebels basically dominated the game from start to finish.

They blitz the quarterback, Jake Coker, who was starting as a senior after sitting out last year, held Alabama’s running game to a hault.

Ole Miss also had some luck in their win.

Alabama was trailing by seven points going into the third quarter and had brought the heat against Ole Miss Quarterback Chad Kelly.

Though Kelly mishandled the snap and threw a bad pass that would have been intercepted, the football hit off the helmet of Bama’s defensive player and found wide receiver Quincy Adeboyejo, who took the football to the house 66 yards to increase the lead by 14 points.

“I have never seen anything like that,” Alabama offensive lineman Cam Robinson said to “It’s just kind of…I mean, honestly, it’s luck, just to be honest. No way in the world you plan that, but it’s kind of how it goes sometimes.”

That football play basically put a dagger in the heart of the Crimson Tide, though they made a furious push toward tying the ball game in the end.

In a lot of ways, Ole Miss created their own luck because they went into the matchup with a mindset that they can beat the mighty Crimson Tide at Dennehy stadium even though the place is one of the toughest places for an opponent to win in college football.

When someone has great success in their positive career journey, many will say that they were lucky to be enjoying their success.

What those same people need to understand is that they created their own luck and that is why there are successful.

And speaking of people creating their own luck, you should take a listen to the story of Kayla Chatkeiwicz on how she founded her company, Smylelin Media, Inc on What’s The Word?

She built awareness of MS by using social media and also creating a strong community through a Twitter chat she co-hosts called #MSChat

This episode was the first that was recorded on the live streaming platform,

You can watch the interview below

And you can also listen to the recording of the interview with Ms.Chatzkewicz below.

Check Out Social Networking Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Cheval John on BlogTalkRadio

You can follow her on Twitter at @kaychatz and visit her website at

Video courtesy of Ron Kiffin via ESPN

Selfish Egos Will Bring Down Your Business

By Cheval John

The University of Texas has been the innovators in what intercollegiate athletics is all about today.

They were one of the first universities to have sponsorships from major brands like Nike.

They had a strong football tradition of winning national championships under great coaches like Darrell Royal and Mack Brown.

They also have the largest athletics budget in the nation.

Texas is one of the most recognizable universities in the world.

In the last couple of years, Texas has been going through hell.

First, they let go of Mr. Brown, who won them their first national championship (2005) since the glory times of coach Royal.

They were expecting coach Brown to win a championship ever year since they spent millions of dollars in facilities upgrade.

One could say that the struggles of the football team under coach Brown to win another championship since 2005 was the start of the turmoil for Texas.

Next came the retirement of DeLoss Dodds.

Some could say that Dodds was the clue that held the athletic department together.

He was responsible for making Texas a powerhouse because of his innovation and also bringing in Mack Brown as the football coach and hiring Rick Barnes as the basketball coach.

He also stood behind coach Brown amidst the public outcry of people who wanted him to be fired.

The powerbrokers, “a.k.a.” the board of regents hired Steve Patterson as Texas athletic director to stem the turmoil.

Patterson added to the turmoil when he fired Barnes, tried to raise the ticket prices for football games and even mentioned that the city of Austin should put in money to renovate Erwin Center.

And now Mr. Patterson is out as the athletic director.

The lesson that entrepreneurs can learn from this fiasco is to make sure that you don’t bring in people who have egos because it can ruin your business in the end.

Arrogance Always Leads A Team To Lose

By Cheval John

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

The New York Giants had the football matchup won against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Sunday night.

They were leading Dallas 26-20 with under two minutes to go and were in the red zone to possibly seal the win.

New York had forced three Dallas turnovers in the matchup.

Most of the time when a team have three or more turnovers, they should lose the game.

On the fourth down play, quarterback Eli Manning was flushed out of the pocket and threw the football away that resulted in the turnover of downs.

That football play by Manning left Dallas with about 1:40 to drive about 80 yards to take the lead.

Quarterback Tony Romo, who is currently leading the NFL with 4th quarter comebacks, was able to led the team down the field that included a game-winning touchdown pass to tight end Jason Witten to stun the Giants.

If Manning had taken the sack and not try to throw a touchdown pass in the red zone, Dallas would have only had less than a minute to go down the field and they would probably have not won.

Let’s just say that Manning gave Dallas an early Christmas gift that benefited Dallas.

When businesses don’t look at better options that will make them better, they will end up driving their company to the ground.

They will have the arrogant attitude that the old way of doing business still works in this day and age.

Companies who stay with the mindset of the old way of doing business will end up losing their customers and will be like Blockbuster, Kodak and the Giants.

When companies or solopreneurs take the time to listen to feedback from their mentors or customers,
they will always win new business and build fan loyalty.

What’s The Word?

Hope everyone will check out this episode of What’s The Word? with guest Scott Barlow, who is the founder of Happen To Your Career.

He shared about his journey to how he started Happen To Your Career and also his podcast by the same name.

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Video courtesy of the NFL