Arrogance Always Leads A Team To Lose

By Cheval John

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The New York Giants had the football matchup won against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Sunday night.

They were leading Dallas 26-20 with under two minutes to go and were in the red zone to possibly seal the win.

New York had forced three Dallas turnovers in the matchup.

Most of the time when a team have three or more turnovers, they should lose the game.

On the fourth down play, quarterback Eli Manning was flushed out of the pocket and threw the football away that resulted in the turnover of downs.

That football play by Manning left Dallas with about 1:40 to drive about 80 yards to take the lead.

Quarterback Tony Romo, who is currently leading the NFL with 4th quarter comebacks, was able to led the team down the field that included a game-winning touchdown pass to tight end Jason Witten to stun the Giants.

If Manning had taken the sack and not try to throw a touchdown pass in the red zone, Dallas would have only had less than a minute to go down the field and they would probably have not won.

Let’s just say that Manning gave Dallas an early Christmas gift that benefited Dallas.

When businesses don’t look at better options that will make them better, they will end up driving their company to the ground.

They will have the arrogant attitude that the old way of doing business still works in this day and age.

Companies who stay with the mindset of the old way of doing business will end up losing their customers and will be like Blockbuster, Kodak and the Giants.

When companies or solopreneurs take the time to listen to feedback from their mentors or customers,
they will always win new business and build fan loyalty.

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