Vallano Media, LLC is a marketing agency which helps small to mid-sized businesses navigate social media to build a loyal audience and in the process become more profitable.

We provide these services:

-Social Media Consulting-for those who need guidance in social media.

-Social Media Management-for those who are too busy to navigate the different changes in social

-Event Marketing-for companies who want their special events to be be amplified through social media

The company was founded by Cheval John, who is fluent in English and Spanish.

He was named a Houston Top 25 Social Media Power Influencer in 2016 and 2017 because of building a strong social media presence due to consistent engagement and social listening.

Cheval is the host of What’s The Word?, a show about finding out what inspires people to be successful in their respective careers and how social media played a role in their lives.

He is also the author of “8 Things You Need To Do Before Quitting Your Job: How To Prepare For The Inevitable Layoff” and the Amazon Best-Seller, “8 Lessons Every Podcaster Needs To Learn: How To Stand Out From The Crowd With Your Podcast.”

We will not promise you will get a million followers on any social media platforms in three months.

What we do promise is that you will have a much more engaged audience which will lead to your business winning more loyal fans.

Here is Cheval’s story of why we make the above claim.

I started using Twitter in 2011 with the wrong mindset to promote the blog post from here.

I followed everyone hoping to win over followers.

Though my mindset was helping people to succeed because that is always the right thing to do, my approach to winning an audience on Twitter went no where.

I was in the middle of transitioning this website to a self-hosted site using WordPress.org on October 1st, 2012 and it hit me.

I needed to share other people’s content and not just promote my articles on Twitter.

So I just shared articles from the “competition” and engage more with others on the social platform.

I am building my audience slowly on Twitter because I treasure them and I know it is my responsibility to provide value to them on a daily basis. .

Some of the audience from Twitter trickle over to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn because we already know each other very well.

I am a strong believer that if you want your business to be a great, you will have to be patient and allow the process to happen organically.

That is why we will put in the diligent work to make sure you have the right audience for your business.

So if you are interested in doing business with us, you can head over to the contact page on this website to reach out to see how we can serve you.

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