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Top 10 Livestreamers To Follow In 2017

By Cheval John

The world of livestreaming has evolved into a major force for social media.

Meerkat, which was the first platform to kickoff the livestreaming revolution in 2015, disappeared earlier this year.

Vine was shutdown while Periscope officially merged into the Twitter platform.

Instagram joined the livestreaming community with Stories, which by the way copied Snapchat.

Facebook’s platform went further by creating live video in their stories platform, which allows anyone to be live for 60 minutes before the video disappears.

And Facebook themselves created their own live streaming platform that allows anyone of their 1 billion plus users to go live on their accounts.

My guess is that Facebook will continue to dominate social media and even be the place where live streamers will broadcast their shows.

Which leads to the unfortunate “demise” of blab when the executives decided to shut down their service and leave many people who were still on the platform scrambling for other platforms to broadcast their shows.

The ones who left blab before their initial shutdown spread out to different emerging platforms like, crowdcast and bluejeans network.

Note that bluejeans network was around for 7 years before they became a major force for live streamers.

Plus, the blue jeans network and had the technology that allows anyone to simulcast their shows to facebook live.

Who knows what livestreaming platform will be around in 2017.

In the same manner, many livestreamers have flourished this year.

While some have disappeared from the livestreaming world.

I have decided to create the second annual “Top 10 Livestreamers To Follow In 2017.”

The criteria for making the list above is that a livestreamers show have to broadcast their shows on a weekly basis and also deliver value that solves their audience’s problems.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 livestreamers to follow in 2017.

1. Vicki Fitch

Mrs. Fitch is the direct sales expert and host Vicki Fitch Live on Facebook Live, where she interviews authors and other livestreamers who are making a difference in the world.

2. Ross Brand

Mr. Brand is the host of Livestreaming Universe, a show that features other livestreaming stars in the world.

3. Laura Wilkinson

Mrs. Wilkerson is a 2000 Olympian Gold medalist and is a motivational speaker as well. She served as an analyst for NBC during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. What is impressive is that she has embraced livestreaming and host her own show on Facebook Live on Sunday nights.

4. Jennifer Quinn

Jennifer host her popular Jenny Q Show on Facebook Live, where she interviews authors and livestreamers.
She moved her show to Facebook way before the shutdown of blab.

5. Mitch Jackson

Mr. Jackson is the co-host of “The Show Live” and is know as the livestreaming lawyer.

6. Jennifer Hoverstad

Mrs. Hoverstad is the other co-host of “The Show” and is herself an attorney

7. Camila Litton

Camila is the vice president of the Gulf State Home Buyers. She produces livestreaming videos on Snapchat to show her clients the process of buying a house.

8. Melodee Meyer

Melodee, known as “Master Mel” is a fifth degree blackbelt and a TEDX speaker

9. Victoria Taylor

Victoria is the owner of Blend Social and provide advice about livestreaming and business on Snapchat.
She is one of the founders of the upcoming Summit Live UK

10. Sarah Moore

Sarah is the founder of Eleven Lights Media, have achieved a lot more success with her business and was named among the “Top 50 Snapchat Accounts To Follow” by Mashable.

Honorable Mentions

Stacy Harp

Stacy is the host of Bible News Radio and host of Periscope VIP with Stacy Lynn Harp

John Kapos

Mr. Kapos is the owner of Perfection Chocolates in Sydney, Australia

His shows on Periscope transformed the company into a “global” brand.

Vincenzo Landino and Amy Schmittauer

The co-founders of Aftermarq host a weekly recap show about the changing world of livestreaming and social media called Afterthoughts

Taking A “Break” From Houston, Texas

By Cheval John

It was truly exciting to have the new 2017 Toyota Avalon for an entire week because it gave me the opportunity to visit Huntsville, Texas and also The Woodlands, (a Master-Planned Community in the Houston area).

I used to live in Huntsville for 15 years due to starting college late (graduate from Lone
Star College in 2007 and from Sam Houston State University (SHSU) in 2009) before moving to the Houston area in 2014.

It was in that small city of over 40,000 that I became an accidental entrepreneur, a podcaster and an author.

What made the trip to Huntsville and The Woodlands more fun was the fact that the avalon had a Sirius XM stations that allowed me to discover awesome stations that was dedicated to jazz music and of course, ESPN Radio.

The trip to Huntsville from Houston is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The fact that the gas was still close to full was really impressive to me.

As I arrived on the SHSU campus in Huntsville, I saw that they were constructing new buildings.

And ate at the old Humphrey’s Bar and Restaurant and saw that the company had repainted the outside of the store.

A few days later, I decided to drive the avalon to the LSC-Montgomery campus to see what has changed and also see one of my former career counselors on the SHSU satellite campus adjecent to the community college.

SHSU opened the satellite campus in 2012 and it was truly awesome to let the career counselor know what has been happening in my business career since moving to the Houston area.

And of course, I had the opportunity to interact with the public relations representative, Carolina Guana, Vice President (Multicultural/Hispanic practice) at Allison+Partners, Greg Thome, Regional Communications Manager for Toyota and other influencers who were part of the Toyota Press Tour during the Houston Rockets matchup against the Sacramento Kings at the Toyota Center in downtown houston.

What I learned during the week with the avalon is the importance of business colloboration between the Toyota Corporate Office and the Gulf Coast Toyota Distributors (GSTD), which has been in business since 1969.

The representative from the dealership explained that the Gulf Coast Toyota is it’s own business and they have build a strong presence in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.

Gulf Coast Toyota also have done great work in the communities in the states where they serve.

What I also learned is that Gulf Coast Toyota was responsible for getting the naming rights of the Toyota Center, where the Rockets play their home matchups during the National Basketball Association (NBA) season and the naming rights for Toyota Stadium in Frisco, Texas, the home of the FC Dallas soccer team and the site of the NCAA Football Championship Subdivison (FCS) National Championship matchup.

What I can tell you is that Toyota has stepped outside the box to contact bloggers and social media influencers in addition to the tradional media because they understand the changes that are happening in the media world.

They also understand the importance of customer service and they strive to provide solutions that will ease the concerns of their customers.

I have a strong intuition that more and more businesses will be turning to bloggers, podcasters and social media influencers in the near future when they are launching their new products and services.

And thanks to the week long loan of the Toyota Avalon Car, I had the opportunity to take a “break” from Houston, Texas.

Providing Value To Your Community

By Cheval John

December 11th, 2016

I had the honor of interviewing Rachel Miller on What’s The Word? about a month ago as she shared her story about becoming a social media strategist.

It was a dream come true because Ms. Miller has played an important role in my journey to become more proficient as a social media specialist and running my business, Vallano Media, LLC.

She was also the co-host with Brian Fanzo and Christin Kardos serving as the moderator of one of the most popular Twitter Chats at the time, #sbizhour.

I had interviewed Mr. Fanzo on the show early last year.

A few months later, I had interviewed Mrs. Kardos about her career as a community manager.

The story of how I discovered the awesome trio of #sbizhour happened in 2014 after I had quit a large retail chain I worked at for about four years while I was building my business (I submitted my two week notice to the human resource department there).

I was at the tail end of finishing my time as a freelance sports writer for the Huntsville Item as I was about to move to the Houston area at the end of July of 2014.

I heard about Twitter chats from people I was following on the social media platforms.

One of the Twitter chats I had discovered was #sbizhour, which was called #sshour in it’s first year of existence.

I saw how they ran the show as a Twitter chat and a Google Hangout and was really impressed by their multi-tasking skills.

As they changed the name from #sshour to #sbizhour in 2015, the Twitter chat got even more popular and was always trending on Twitter.

At the same time, live video was starting to get more popular thanks to Meerkat and Periscope.

I had no idea that they had moved their show to the live streaming platform called Blab later that year.

And when I got use to #sbizhour being streamed live on blab, I found out that the social media platform saved the audio and video of the live stream show if it was recorded.

That opened my eyes to the possibility of letting my audience see the live recording of What’s The Word? and even interact with the guest after the show was over.

It was because of Ms. Miller, Mr. Fanzo and Mrs. Kardos that I am now recording most of the shows on my business page on facebook live via

As #sbizhour continued to grow in popularity, each of the co-hosts has gotten more business opportunies for themselves.

Ms. Miller became a community manager for Pure Matter, a company co-founded by Bryan and Courtney Kramer.

Mr. Fanzo had gotten more speaking opportunities at major conferences including Social Media Marketing World.

And Mrs. Kardos became the community manager for Jay Baer

As the workload got extra for the trio, they decided that it was best to shut down #sbizhour after almost two years of providing value to their community.

What I can tell you is that Ms. Miller, Mr. Fanzo and Mrs. Kardos accomplished a lot in the short time of hosting #sbizhour than many businesses have done in their entire existence because:

1. They listened to the needs of their community

2. They were transparent with their community

What would happen if many businesses followed the example of Ms. Miller, Mr Fanzo and Mrs. Kardos in providing value to their potential customers?

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The Basics of Blogging

by Cheval John

I want to tell everyone that I will be accepting guest post to be featured here for the first Saturday of every month starting today.

So if you are interested in guest posting, you can send an e-mail to

Today’s guest post is from Sarah Smith, who is a blogger and is the promoter for Karen Evans of

Sarah put together this infographic about the basics of blogging

You can follow them on Twitter @startblog101.

Without further ado, here is Sarah

No matter how easy blogging seems to be for many, the journey to coming up with your own can actually be a challenge.  In fact, you will realize the demands and blockades arise when you actually begin doing your blog.  In short, blogging surely has its own birth pains and every blogger learns from his or her mistakes.

As you learn along the way you will realize that it is also important to minimize the mistakes you commit as much as you can.  Hence, it can be helpful to know the most common mistakes that beginning bloggers are prone to commit.  Besides it can be so helpful and time-saving to take advice from those who have gone through the same beginner path as you plan to do.

Some of these mistakes you can avoid ahead of time as you start your blogging journey include trying to be perfect and failing to promote your site.  Others also commit the misstep of wanting to save money by getting a free website without realizing that you would still end up getting a domain and host account in the near future.

It is about time to show the world what you are capable of writing and sharing through a blog.  Besides, if you are not going to start now, then when? Decide to be consistent with your own comfortable blog work schedule and begin today.

Check out this practically made infographic that will help you get started as a blogger without getting to commit the most common mistakes you are most likely to encounter along the way: