Question And Answer With Melanie Kania

Melanie Kania is a prime example of what being persistent is all about.

She graduated from Sam Houston State University in 2009 during the “great recession.”

She could have given into the notion of just settling for a job that was available.

Instead, she continued to be persistent and months later, she acquired internships with two public relations firms in the Houston area.

She is now with Weatherford International were she serves as a Communications Specialist.

We caught up with Melanie to get her perspective on the journey that led her to her current position.

Vallano Media: How long did it take for you to find that post-college job?

Melanie Kania: I graduated in 2009 during the height of the recession, so it took about nine months to find the job I have now. In the meantime I pursued internships to gain experience in public relations and was exposed to a broad range of industries, which led me to oil and gas where I am now.

 V.M. : Were you involved in any organization while in college?

 M.K. : Yes I was involved in: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honors Society, Public Relations Student Society of America, National Society for Leadership and Success, Golden Keys National Honors Society and Order of Omega.

  V.M. : Why should students get involved in an organization?

  M.K. : I believe that organization involvement is very important to college students and is an intregal part of one’s college experience.

  V.M. : Did you study abroad and if so, how has studying abroad impacts a student’s undergraduate/graduate career?

  M.K. : Yes I studied abroad through Sam Houston’s Puebla program and lived in Puebla, Mexico with a host family for a month. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had, and the memories made and lessons learned will be with me forever. The program gave me first hand exposure to another culture and I was able to see how they live and do business.

 V.M. : Looking back, was it worth attending college?

 M.K. : Absolutely, in fact I am planning to go back to pursue my Masters.

 V.M. : Final thoughts?

 M. K. : Get as involved as possible. Networking through my collegiate/ post college organizations led me to my current position and the internships along the way.

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