Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Twitter Chats

By Cheval John

We have heard predictions of how twitter was going to be bought by a major media company by a certain time.

We also heard how Twitter was not relevant anymore because they were not “growing” in user base.

Some saw twitter as a place where people spam others hoping to make a sale.

I can understand what they mean due to the constant automated direct messages from people who are asking to like their business page or subscribe to their blog.

The truth is twitter has always been relevant since it began in 2006.

Just because they have 330 million active users compared to Facebook’s almost 2 billion users does not mean Twitter is not important.

No other social media platform (with the exception of snapchat) have come close to where you can interact with anyone in “real time.”

There is a level playing field when you can chat with a celebrity or with an “influencer” any time you want to on Twitter.

Those who think Twitter is not relevant are missing a huge opportunity to stand out from their competition.

They do not realize the majority of journalists from media organizations have Twitter accounts.

Most of them will share another side of themselves and also interact with their fans.

The smart entrepreneurs will take the time to build a relationship with the journalists on Twitter and sometimes see the behind the scenes of what they are working on for a news cast.

This can save them from ending up in the journalists’ spammer list because most companies still use the dreaded press release in order to get placement in the media outlet.

If they share the journalists’ article consistently to their audience on twitter, the journalist will notice.

Unfortunately, most corporations and organizations uses twitter as a broadcast only channel to promote their events to the journalists on the platform.

They think the golden days of advertising still works today.

When they do not see the quick results from their tweets, then they whine like spoiled brats wondering why their campaign is not working.

They also will blame Twitter and tell everyone it is not worth the investment because they did not see the results they were hoping for.

That is probably why they thought social media was a fad because it clearly went against the conventional wisdom of advertising.

And why small businesses, mid-sized businesses and even micro-businesses will always win because they are using Twitter to build a community around their brand.

One of the methods they use to build a community is hosting a Twitter Chat.

A twitter chat are conversations with like-minded people surrounding a hashtag.

Think of it like a focus group that happens every week.

The topics can range from social media marketing, how to build a successful blog, or how to host events if you are in the event planning business.

The brands can use these twitter chats to learn more from the community.

They can even get topic ideas for their blog.

Most companies produces a recap from the twitter chats on their blog and feature the best answers from the participants.

This is another way for the company to highlight their community and share their expertise with their audience.

This is the cherry on the cake for the participants because they are contributing to the twitter chats and also getting exposure to the host’s blog audience.

The participants in turn can share the twitter chat recap to their audience on social which gives the brand exposure to prospective clients.

They can also create a press page on their website featuring the recap from the brand’s blog.

It’s a win-win for both the twitter chat host and the participants.

For those who are looking to run a twitter chat in the new year, here is a list from the most successful twitter chats.

#TwitterSmarter: Thursdays at 1 p.m. eastern time

Twitter Smarter is hosted by Madalyn Sklar, a podcaster, business coach and houston social media power influencer.

She started the chat in mid 2015 after her podcast by the same name became very popular.

The chat talks about ways to use twitter wisely and has a plethora of guests.

Twitter Smarter also became very popular due to the number of participants who are there on a regular basis.

Another reason for the fast growth is Madalyn has hosted another twitter chat for five years surrounding the Go Girls Community prior to starting Twitter Smarter.

#ContentWritingChat: Tuesdays at 11 a.m. eastern time

Content Writing Chat is hosted by Express Writers.

Topics surrounds putting out quality content, having a content calendar, seo, etc.

This chat also features guests who shares valuable information to the community.

Each month, they have open forum in which they ask the community tips on improving their content.

#ChatGram: Tuesdays at 1 p.m. eastern time

Chat Gram is host by Ken Watson, a houston social media power influencer

This is the first twitter chat surrounding the use of instagram.

Participants share on topics like the importance of instagram stories and how to spot bots.

The chat also has guests who are experts on instagram.

#ChatSnap: Wednesdays at 2 p.m. eastern time

Chat Snap is hosted by Kristy Gillentine, a former journalist and houston social media power influencer.

This is the first twitter chat all about snapchat.

Participants attend this chat to learn about building a community on snapchat, how businesses can benefit from snapchat, etc.

This chat also features guests who are experts in all things snapchat.

#MediaChat: Thursdays at 10 p.m. eastern time

Media Chat is hosted by Aaron Kilby, vice president of sales and marketing for Artisan Colour.

Guests have included experts ranging from social media to live streaming.

#WinnieSun: Wednesdays at 2 p.m. eastern time

This chat is hosted by the co-founder of Sun Group Wealth Partners, Winnie Sun.

It features different experts from the finance industry who share tips on managing your money.

Topics also surrounds social media which Winnie Sun has leverage to gain the right clients for the company.

#BlogElevated: Mondays at 10 p.m. eastern

Blog Elevated is co-hosted by Bobbie Byrd and Lisa Stauber.

Topics range from improving your blog to using live streaming.

The twitter chat is an extension of the blog elevated conference which brings in speakers who are experts in blogging.

Both co-founders are houston social media power influencers as well.

Did I miss any twitter chats from this list? You can leave your comments below.

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