Kerry Gorgone, Host of The MarketingProfs Podcast

By Cheval John

January 3rd, 2018

Today’s episode of What’s The Word? features Kerry Gorgone.

Kerry is the host of The MarketingProfs podcast, a show which interviews thought leaders in the marketing industry.

The show recently celebrated it 300th episode late last year.

Kerry also is a returning guest as she made an appearance on the 250th episode of my podcast.

In this episode, you will hear:

-How she celebrated their milestone of 300th episodes of the Marketing Profs
-Choosing Between Live Streaming and Podcasting
-The first concert Kerry ever attended
-If Kerry and Ann Handley released their “Christmas album”

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What’s interesting about what Lou Imbriano had to say was it’s not just about X plus Y equals Z.

You can’t just do the same thing no matter what type of business you are.

Every customer segment is a little bit different.

Every business is a little bit different.

You can not give a formula about how to build a relationship.

You have to just be prepared to go the extra mile for your customers and know what it is you know or anticipate.

What it is that certain segments need and really genuinely express I think empathy and interest in helping them get the most out of your product or service.

It is a lot more human and it’s much more of an art than a science sometimes.

Sure there’s data behind how often those people renew because you put in the extra effort.

But can you draw a straight line between opening after hours so that somebody can get their work done because they are on a deadline and extra revenue through renewal?

That would be difficult, but the relationship is there nonetheless.

That’s what was interesting about Lou.

He works a lot now.

He was with the (New England) Patriots before.

So it’s very different kind of marketing.

But you still had your super fans and then you’re more casual fans and then people who maybe come to a game now and then and people who just don’t care about sports at all.

So who are you going to focus on?

Obviously, the people who cares and spend money with you.


Depends on your business.

It can always help you.

If you are talking about driving real specific business objectives, I think if you do events, even a user conference, then live streaming would be very beneficial to you because you are going to create kind of a fear of missing out among the people who did not attend the event and they’re going want to come next time.

So there’s a lot to be said for featuring users, customers, clients, employees, etc.

Live streaming gives you a look at someone literally that you could not get any other way from a glossy headshot and a well-written piece or even an audio podcast to a point.

I think that’s always gonna benefit you.

If you are selling Lamborghinis, then live stream, not while driving because it would be irresponsible.

I think it’s very valuable.

So the more you can do something different, the better your results are going to be for gaining some initial exposure.

Live streaming that way can be good too.


You have seen an incredible renaissance in podcasting because it is so much easier for people to produce them and publish them.

It’s so much easier for people to find and listen to them.

Edison Research does this great series year after year called “The Infinite Dial

It talks about the podcast listening audience.

It’s growing and is really valuable.

The people that listen to a podcast on average make more money.

They are more inclined to interact with brands online.

So if you are in marketing, you should be podcasting because the people who listen to podcasts, they are the people you want.

It’s better than a lot of other marketing channels we invest a lot in and do not think twice about.

From a qualitative perspective, it literally gives you your customers ear.

There is an intimacy to that.

I’ve had people recognize me at marketing profs events just from my voice which is hysterical to me.

There’s something very personal about it as well.

I just think it’s a medium unlike any other.

Not only is the research there to support that it’s growing, but anecdotally, people seem to gravitate towards it.


You can consider a live stream a podcast if you do it regularly.

It’s not audio only.

I mean you could have a video podcast.

For one thing, you must have effective live stream if you are video podcasting because it’s really hard to edit video.

So if you stutter or something and try to fix that, you will be like a jump out in the video.

If you’re a little skittish of post-production, then live streaming might be preferable for you.

If on the other hand, you’re afraid of saying something wrong, then maybe start out with an audio podcast because you can fix that.

So it’s really a question of your goals and your preferences.

There are times that watching a video is not convenient.

Going to the gym comes to mind.

You should not be watching a video while sitting in the car.

It’s just different.

You are reaching people at a different time.

The only thing is a lot of people watch videos with the volume off because they don’t want to get caught at work.

Unless they have close captioning or something, they’re not going to know what you are saying.

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