Karen Jones, Personal Trainer and Author of Happy You, Happy Body

By Cheval John

November 29th, 2017

Today’s episode of What’s The Word? features Karen Jones.

Karen is a personal trainer and fitness instructor for Happy You, Happy Body bootcamp, which helps many to achieve their fitness goals and have a healthy lifestyle.

She is the author of the book, “Happy You, Happy Body.”

You will hear:

-What led her to participate in her first fitness competition in her 40s

-How her facebook group by the same name, “Happy You, Happy Body” helped her business

-How she has used live streaming to show her audience different exercise routines

-What led her to write her book “Happy You, Happy Body”

Instagram: Happy You, Happy Body

Facebook Group: Happy You, Happy Body with Karen Jones

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Quotes from Karen Jones on:


I had a meeting with Lucy Hall and she said to me, “Karen, you need to get on Facebook Live. You need to do live streaming because that’s going to open up a bigger audience for you.

I was a little bit shy of this.

I have done a bit of live streaming, but it was quite structured.

I needed the live streaming to be more natural and be really authentic and just bring me.

I am doing what I know.


It’s about taking manageable steps.

As long as you keep moving forward and you do not stop, you will eventually get to the end of that marathon.

That’s the mindset I’ve had when I trained for seven and a half months to get my body contest ready.

That’s what I did when I wrote my book.


You can reach a bigger audience.

My vision is to create a world full of healthy and fit people.

The most easiest way for me to achieve it is through social media.

Here I am in England. How is it I am talking to somebody in America and reaching an audience I want to help worldwide.

People get to see who you are.

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