We Don’t Always Have It Together

By Cheval John

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles

We see a person who have achieved their goals and are showcasing their expertise to the world.

We might think that the person has everything together and might be thinking that nothing can go wrong in their life.

It is understandable to think like that because most of the time, we see in media outlets of how a person seems to have everything together with their life.

We might only see the successes, but never see the failures that they endured to achieve success.

One case in point, Michael Jordan, who celebrating his 52nd birthday today.

We all know him as arguably one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game.

Amid the 6 National Basketball Association (NBA) championships that Jordan won and being one of the major reasons why the NBA is globalized, many might not know about his “failures” while trying out for the varsity team in high school.

Jordan did not “make” the varsity team during his sophomore year even though he played for the junior varsity team.

Even though the junior varsity team was a consolation prize, it motivated Jordan to work even harder on his basketball skills.

Jordan made the team in his junior and senior year of high school, went on to the University of North Carolina, sanked the game-winning shot in the 1982 NCAA national championship game against Georgetown and a couple years later, got drafted by the Chicago Bulls and the rest was history.

You might be thinking after reading this that Jordan has been rising in success and does not have any struggles.

I can guarantee that Jordan and ultra-successful people still experience failures despite their success.

The biggest difference is that the successful are not afraid to fail.

They do not see their failures or struggles as the end of the world.

Instead, they see their failures or struggles as learning experiences so that they can achieve their success.

We might be afraid to show our failures because we think that people will judge us.

However, if you showcase your failures and your struggles, they will be drawn to you even more because they can relate to you.

Though I have achieved some successes like becoming an Amazon best-seller author for my second book, “8 Lessons Every Podcaster Needs To Learn,”covering sporting events as a freelance journalist, hosting a podcast and being a blogger, I still struggle with self-doubt and comparing myself to others everyday.

At times, I struggle with putting a great article together because I want the post to be stellar and I don’t want to fail.

But the truth of the matter is that I work hard everyday and keep a positive mindset because I know that I want to be successful.

If I would have allowed the fear of failure to stop me from becoming a blogger, I would not have had the opportunity to venture into podcasting and becoming an author.

In conclusion, it is o.k. to fail and share those failures because you will show everyone your journey to success.

Just don’t feel sorry for yourself when you experience failure.

Have you experienced failure in your life? If so, how did you overcome failure to be successful to make the world a better place?

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