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Rachel Moffett, Blogger at Define Your Hustle

By Cheval John

Rachel Moffett made an appearance on What’s The Word? to share about her journey to becoming a social media manager for Express Writers.

Her journey began when she started blogging in 2009.

Along the way, she founded her website, Define Your Hustle.

In this episode, you will hear:

How Express Writers’ twitter chat, #contentwritingchat, build a deeper community with their audience

Why blogging takes a lot of work

Why putting a year into blogging does not make you an overnight success

This episode was recorded on Facebook Live via Blue Jeans Network

Snippet on Vallano Media TV

Full Episode on BlogTalkRadio

Website: www.defineyourhustle.com

Twitter: @redheadrachel

Quotes from Rachel:


I think a true influencer is really somebody who has trust with their audience.

I think there is a lot of misconceptions that just because you have a million followers on Instagram, you are an influencer.

It’s a lot more effective to have a smaller highly engaged audience than a huge audience that is not paying attention and is not listening to anything you have to say.

If they do not trust you, they are not really going to buy into what you are trying to sell or anything like that.

So I do think it really has to do with trust and building a relationship with your audience if you really want to be a true influencer on social media.


Twitter just makes it so much easier to have a conversation with people in real time.

You could certainly have conversations on Facebook or Instagram as well.

I do feel on Twitter, people are a lot more open to having a conversation and I think twitter chats kind of break the ice a little bit and makes it easier to reach out and start a conversation when somebody might be a little afraid to reach out to someone new.


The reality is it’s a really powerful way to connect with your audience.

Whether it is live video or if it is pre-recorded YouTube videos, your audience gets to see you and hear you.

It is like they are right there with you and interacting with you in a way.

On a blog, they are just reading written content.

While that is great and I love reading blog posts, I think there is something really special about that connection you have where you can have a real time conversation with somebody over a live broadcast.

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Influencer Marketing: A Modern Marketing Tactic

By Cheval John

It is traffic like crazy here #fourthofjuly #abc13eyewitness #VallanoMedia

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Today’s post is written by Brooklynn Boyer.

Brooklynn is the Manager of Marketing and Success for Social Peeks, a social ambassador and influencer marketing platform which connects businesses with influencers.

You will see some insights on why businesses are using influencer marketing.

You can also visit their website at www.socialpeeks.com.

Without further ado, here is Brooklynn

If someone told you that Influencer Marketing started in 1937, would you believe them? It’s true.

From Dale Carnegie’s original publication of How to Win Friends & Influencer People was sparked during a movement of Hollywood actors and actresses – now it’s used in a similar scope with social media stars.

It’s said that, “in the next five years, it will grow to become a $5B to $10B market.”

Yet so many people are ignoring the Influencer Marketing trend.

Instead of another convincing blog post to jump into the Influencer Marketing world, we’re going to explain to you why a cut of your marketing budget would have the best ROI (cough cough 9x ROI according to VentureBeast) in an Influencer Marketing campaign.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider Influencer Marketing before it’s too late:

1. Organic Traffic Is One Of The Highest Converting Traffic Sources In Marketing.

Micro-influencers are considered organic traffic because their campaigns are genuine and organic in the sense that they don’t just post anything.

Celebrities, with the right price tag, will generally post what they’re handed.

Micro-influencers tend to do the research, play with the product and express their experience.

2. Ad Blocking Software Is On The Rise.

People are blocking the targeted ads that ‘bug’ them in apps, on websites, and in their search history.

Finding other ways to get into your customers peripherals isn’t hard, you just have to look in the right spots.

Influencer marketing allows this connection with your customer, and they accept it as a valuable and genuine offer.


Like we said above, these influencers are experiencing the service or product before they ‘get social’ with it.

So their audience and fan following trusts them to only represent the brands that are 100% effective and straight up awesome.

3. Video, Interactive Content, And Image-Rich Campaigns.

We practically just described influencer marketing in 3 words.

These types of marketing material have the highest engagement – and they’re practically all that micro-influencers share.

They care about their following, so when brands want to jump in on the action, they care about what the message is and how it comes across.

This is like an extra layer of nurture and customer care that gets put into every single campaign.

4. Influencer Marketing ROI Can’t Be Beat.

As simple as that. With 6x ROI to every marketing dollar in 2015, influencer marketing is now averaging 9x ROI to every marketing dollar in 2017!

With an increase in marketing spend in the next 25 years, the ROI is only going to continue to grow.

The key to finding influencers who allow you to see this type of return is in their engagement rate and their followers adversity to their shared reviews or partnerships with brands.

5. This Is The Top One-Size-Fits-All Marketing Tool Strong

Influencer Marketing can essentially be used across all industries and market types.

It’s not like others that only acquire to brands, or only acquire to services, you can virtually use this tool for anything from fashion to construction – the range is endless.

Influencer-ship has finally stepped away from brands with deep pockets and influencers looking for big payouts – it’s the era of micro-influencers, and you better consider hopping on board before you miss the ship!