Popups Are Spam

By Cheval John

When you think you have figured out a social media platform, all of a sudden, they change the algorithms.

Now your social media campaigns have very little impact for your business due to the pesky algorithms.

Your try to learn from experts on how to “beat” the algorithm so you can get back to the glory days of organic reach.

Social media are rented land.

If you are building your business solely there, you will have problems.

The old e-mail is still important despite the growing importance of social media because it is your real estate.

When you build your subscriber base through e-mail, you can withstand any algorithm change in social media.

Which lead to the dreaded pop ups.

Pops ups are like the annoying commercials which interrupts your show because the advertisers are trying to get their product out in front of the viewers.

You are reading a fantastic article on a blog when all of a sudden, a pop up appears in the middle of the article asking you to subscribe to their website.

Some believe popups works because they will get more e-mail address.

The tactic of using the popup is very bad and it shows a person or company are very desperate for e-mail address.

That is where the social listening comes into play because you can see what people are chatting about on a daily basis.

The social chatter can give you ideas of what you can write about on your blog.

When you write quality content consistently, your audience will feel inclined to subscribe to your blog.

Over time, you will grow your blog organically through building your e-mail lists.

Even more important is the same people will share your content on social media to their audience which will bring more traffic to your blog.

This is the boomerang effect of building your e-mail lists the correct way instead of using the lame tactic of the popup.

If you decide to go the route of using the popup, you will end up losing the prospective customer in the long run.

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