Facebook Group Grows To Over 20,000 Members In Less Than A Week

By Cheval John

As the people of the Eastern Caribbean, United States Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India, Houston and Florida recover from the weathers disasters, they need to know everyone cares for them.

With social media, people can keep track of what is happening in those affected areas from the United States mainland.

An example comes from a Facebook Group who grew to over 20,000 members in less than a week.

This group is called “St Croix Hurricane Maria Check In

It was created after Hurricane Maria hit St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands on Tuesday before moving on to Puerto Rico the following day.

Their fellow United States Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and St. John, in addition to the British Virgin Islands and the Eastern Caribbean, were hit by Hurricane Irma two weeks prior.

St. Croix and Puerto Rico were used as base to sent rescue workers and supplies in the relief efforts to the devastated places until Hurricane Maria interrupted those plans

St. Croix Hurricane Maria Check became a resource for many to get in contact with family members and friends.

It also is a place where many can find out which relief organizations they can support to help those in the United States Virgin Islands to get back to normal.

This is the true power of social media: building communities.

Here are additional organizations which are helping to get supplies to each of the places who are currently recovering from the natural disasters:

Puerto Rico- City of New York Website

Mexico- UNICEF USA For Mexico

United States Virgin Islands- 21 U.S. Virgin Island Help

Houston- ABC13Houston.com

For anyone who knows of relief organizations for help to Mumbai, India and the U.S. state of Florida, please leave a comment below.

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