People Trying To Catch All The Pokemon

By Cheval John

The Pokemon Go app has taken over the country since launching about three weeks ago.

Many people have been walking across cities like Houston trying to locate Pokemons that will allow them to arrive at the next level of the game.

Business establishments, sports venues like Texas A&M’s Kyle Field has been the hot spot for many to locate Pokemons.

The downside has been people have not been paying attention to where they were going while playing the Pokemon Go.

It has been a hazard to a degree in the same manner as people using snapchat while driving.

They have been some manuals for those who are playing the Pokemon Game that will keep them safe.

In the same way, I learned a harsh lesson about participating in a Twitter chat while using my smartphone.

No, I was not tweeting while driving as I don’t drive anymore.

However, this lesson I learned about participating in a Twitter chat with a smartphone can apply to anyone indirectly who are tweeting and driving.

I was participating in #sproutchat, a twitter chat hosted by Sarah Nagel of Sprout Social.

As the chat was moving along, I had difficulty in keeping up because the chat was moving along fast while I was receiving updates of the chat very late.

What ended up happening was that I was answering some questions way before Ms. Nagel had asked the question and it caused a lot of confusion to the other participants of the chat.

I felt really bad and I understood even more why a person should not participate in a Twitter chat with a smartphone.

What they should do is participate in the Twitter chat on their computer and use apps like Tweetchat to keep up with the conversation that is happening during the chat.

That way, everyone will not be confused when they are participating in a Twitter chat like #sproutchat.

This lesson above will help the people who are participating in the Pokemon Go game indirectly too.

To avoid my mistake of participating in a Twitter chat with a smartphone, listen to this episode of the Social Media Examiner podcast that features Twitter Marketing expert, Madalyn Sklar.

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