Creativity Always Outshines Talent

By Cheval John

When Air Zealand made it’s inaugural landing at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) on Tuesday, it became an historic event.

The reason is that Houston became the first city in North America and the 6th city globally, to have non-stop flights to cities in all 6 continents of the world.

Normally, an airport that has more airlines and space, like Los Angeles International Airport should be able to accomplish the feat.

That was not the case.

IAH has a total of 36 gates in their international terminals (Terminal D for foreign carriers and Terminal E for United’s International flights).

While the largest airports in the world like (Los Angeles) has more international gates.

So why is it that Houston became the 6th city in the world to serve cities in all 6 continents and Los Angeles did not.

Well, Houston was very creative in how they use their airport to co-ordinate international flights and the foreign carriers shares the ticket counter in Terminal D.

Meaning certain international flights from foreign carriers flies in the morning time (Asia), then others fly in the afternoon (European), while the rest flies in the night time (Middle East and some Asian flights).

That is why Houston was able to succeed with the limited resources they had.

When most people have limited resources, the first thing they do is make excuses on why they can’t succeed with their business.

They are not seeing it as an opportunity to use their creativity and in the process stand out from their competition in their businesses.

In the same way like IAH, the Kansas City Royals made their second consecutive World Series appearance and won it this time.

Kansas City does not have a huge payroll like the New York Yankees to bring in the most talented baseball players in Major League Baseball.

They used what was given to them in talent and developed their baseball players to compete year in and year out.

Plus, each of the Kansas City baseball players had the growth mindset and worked very hard to be the best and that is why they made consecutive trips to the World Series.

So if you feel like you have limited budget to take your business to the next level, don’t complain.

See it as an opportunity to showcase your creativity that will take your business to the next level and attract the correct clients to your business for the better.

Samantha Kelly, a.k.a. the TweetingGoddess, did just that and is now successful in her business for the better.

And to get more inspiration, listen to this interview on my show, “What’s The Word? with guest Maria Ross, founder of Red Slice.

First video is courtesy of Airways

Second video is courtesy of TEDXTalks

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