The Resilience Of Kansas City

By Cheval John

The Kansas City Royals was facing elimination in the first round series against the Houston Astros at Minute Maid Park.

The Royals, who won the American League Central Division, all of sudden was down 6-2 after a two-run home run by Carlos Correa and a solo home run by Colby Rasmus.

Many thought that the game was over.

I felt confident that the Astros was going to move on that I had posted this video on Instagram of the home run.

And even the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott posted a early congratulations to the Astros with this Tweet reported by the Houston Chronicle

The Royals had other ideas.

They slowly chipped away at the lead with straight singles that loaded the bases and then scored each of the baseball players to 6-4.

Then the ultimate shock came when hit a sharp ground ball that was deflected off the glove of reliever Tony Shipp and then took a strange bounce and went off the glove of Correa that allowed both runners to score to tie the game at 6.

A batter later, Alex Gordon hit a ground ball that was deep enough that allowed the go-ahead run to score to make it 7-6.

Then in the ninth, Erik Osmund hit a two-run home run that put the nail in the coffin for the Astros and forced a Game 5 in Kansas City.

The Royals believed that they could make a comeback to win the matchup and have the opportunity to win the series against the Astros.

We can have the same mindset like the Royals in believing that we can be successful in our business even if we are drowning in debt or are struggling to be profitable with our business or our lives.

When we keep the positive mindset of believing that we can be successful in our business and life for the better, everything will start to work out for the better.

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