You Only Need One Person To Believe In Your Dreams

By Cheval John

People are afraid to go after their dreams because they fear that they will not achieve it.

Most of the time, they believe that many will not believe in them.

Like if they have an idea to create a better product to improve the usage of computers, they will hear from the masses that they are crazy.

Or if they are following their heart and pursuing their true calling, like becoming an entrepreneur, the majority will be wondering if they are crazy.

What if Steve Jobs had not followed his intuition and went along with the majority who graduated from college and work the normal 9-5 workweek for 40 years until he retired, we would not have had the Apple Computer.

And if the Apple Computer was not created, we would not have had the iPhone which later led to iTunes that has revolutionized the way everyone consumes podcasts.

What if Orville and Wilbur Wright had listened to the masses and not invented the airplane?

Then we would have not been able to travel to different parts of the world in less time and we would have probably be using ships which takes longer.

And what if Thomas Edison had said, “This is not meant to be” after he failed about 1,000 times with the invention of the light bulb?

We would still be using candles and it would have been a huge hassle for businesses, etc.

The primary reason why we know about Steve Jobs, Orville and Wilbur Wright and many others who revolutionized the world is because they did not follow the masses or listened to the naysayers who were content with the status quo.

They had a vision, took the necessary steps to achieve their dreams.

One final question?

What if Laura Wilkinson did not followed her heart and pursued her dream of being in the 2000 Sydney Olympics?

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Laura had broken her foot during training about 6 months before the Sydney Olympics.

She dealt with the injury and continued her pursuit of making the team.

When she qualified for the Olympics, Laura had another obstacle to overcome.

Many believed she was a long shot of winning a gold medal because she was competing against the powerhouse Chinese team.

China entered the 2000 Olympics as the favorites because they had won gold medals in the previous four Olympics.

It was true that she was the underdog because the last American to win a gold medal in the sport of diving during the Olympics was in 1964.

Plus with her broken foot, they believed she was not a contender for the medal.

It seemed like their predictions were going to come true because Laura was sitting in 8th place after two rounds in the diving competition.

However, Laura had a positive mindset and believed that if she had made her most difficult dive, the reverse 2 1/2 somersault, she would have a chance at competing for the medal.

Her intuitions was right because she made the dive and was awarded a 9.5.

Then the next four divers including the Chinese flopped on their dives and all of a sudden she was in contention for the gold medal.

She made her next two dives which put her in first place and was able to hold off the competition to win the gold.

Laura went on to make the 2004 and 2008 Olympics in Athens and Beijing, respectively.

However, she did not achieved any medals in those games.

If Laura had listened to the masses who said that she was too old to start competing in diving, or had said to herself, “It was not meant for me to be in the Sydney Olympics, #paraphrased” after breaking her foot, she would have been wondering “What would have happened if I had pursued the 2000 Sydney Olympics”?

So if you believe that it is too late to pursue your dream career or receiving a ton of rejections if you are just starting your business, remember that it takes one person to say that “I believe in you.”

Thankfully, Laura had that one person, Kenny Armstrong, who believed in her.

And because of Mr. Armstrong telling her, “I believe that you can succeed in diving, #paraphrased” the world was able to witnessed one of the biggest comebacks in Olympic history.

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