Common Courtesy Goes A Long Way

By Cheval John

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles

Photo courtesy of Stuart Miles

Just because we are in the age of social media does not mean that it gives a person the right to act a fool.

Over the last few weeks, people have posted mean things about others especially celebrities.

They feel that they will not be caught because they post these mean tweets as anonymous.

The only question is why would they post the mean tweets if they will not say those mean things in person?

The possible answer is that they have felt so insecure their entire lives and believed that putting other people down makes them feel better about themselves.

They do not realize that when they put down other people on social media, it will wind up hurting them in the long run because the person is developing a bad reputation to others.

If they only lift people up by sending a complimentary thank you note,tweet, etc. to the person for a great article they wrote, they will make their day and also will feel better about themselves.

I can guarantee that you will build a strong reputation for not only being a generous person, but will create a strong support because you took the time to be courteous.

About Cheval John

Cheval John is the Founder and CEO of Vallano Media, LLC, a marketing agency which helps small to mid-sized businesses use social media correctly to build a loyal following and in the process become more profitable. Cheval is also the host of "What's The Word?" a podcast about finding out what inspires people to choose their respective careers and how social media impacted their lives and business. He is the author of two books including the Amazon Best-Seller, "8 Lessons Every Podcaster Needs To Learn." He has spoken at Social Media Week Lima in Ohio and at Social Media Day Houston 2017 about topics around live streaming and podcasting. Cheval has been featured in media outlets like Ebony Magazine and was named a Houston Top 25 Social Media Power Influencer in 2016 and 2017.

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