Developing Successful Habits

By Cheval John

Photo courtesy of krishna arts

Photo courtesy of krishna arts

Many believe that those who are rich or achieved ultra-success were lucky.

They might wonder why they are not achieving the same success like the rich.

One of the things that make the rich so successful is the fact that they are always learning new things that will help them maintain their success.

They use their time wisely in reading self-help books, listening to inspirational podcasts, surrounding themselves with other successful people who are smarter than them, etc.

Another example of how the rich achieve their success is setting goals.

According to the Business Insider article, “9 Things Rich People Do And Don’t Do Everyday,” 62% of the rich agreed that they focus on their goals everyday.

That is just one of the many habits that the rich do everyday.

However, the same ones who are saying that the rich are lucky do not develop the same habits that the rich does.

The same article from Business Insider says that only 6% of the poor believe that focusing on their goals is important.

In other words, the ones who are saying that the rich are lucky, are waiting for their breakthrough to happen instead of putting in the effort to make their dreams come true.

They have already put the wheels in motion of settling for the mediocre because they believe in their minds that nothing can go their way.

Also, they are feeding their minds with negative energy, a.k.a. the news which is mostly negative.

I am not saying not to watch the news because it is important to be informed.

However, watching too much of it will set you up for negative thinking.

They also surrounding themselves with people who only have negative things to say and wants to bring others along with their pity party.

If they could just for one second start saying positive affirmations, read a lot of self-help books, listen to inspirational podcasts, etc., then they will start to see some positive changes in their lives.

As for me, I have already surrounded myself around people who are more successful than me to learn from.

They understand that the only way to be really successful is to serve others, solve their customers/clients problems, and treat people right.

My goal everyday is to continously share other people’s content that will make everyone’s life better and to be fair to others.

The one thing that I want to make into a habit is to write a gratitude journal because I do not want to fall for the pity party trap if I experience failure in achieving my goals.

I want to keep in perspective that things happen for a reason and it was a lesson for me to become a better person everyday.

What is the one thing you will do that will help you to develop a successful habit? You can leave your comment below.

This post is part of Natalie Sisson’s “15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge.” which I had the honor to respond to Natalie’s questions.

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