Down Goes The Cowboys, Down Goes The Cowboys

By Cheval John

Nobody expected the Washington Redskins to beat the Dallas Cowboys.

With all the turmoil that the Redskins were going through with the injury of Robert Griffith III, a.k.a. and the benching of Kurt Cousins, this was suppose to have been an easy victory for the Cowboys.

Even all the experts on Monday Night Countdown chose the Cowboys to win this game.

I also chose the Cowboys to win, even thought I am a San Francisco 49er fan.

The Cowboys was on a 6-game winning streak and it looked like it should have been their seventh consecutive win.

Well, the Redskins proved everyone wrong and shocked the Cowboys in overtime 20-17 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Colt McCoy, who started the game for Washington, did everything right to keep his team in the matchup.

He did not make too many mistakes and managed the game.

McCoy went 25 of 30 for 299 yards and one interception.

When it counted, McCoy came through in the clutch.

On a 3rd and 3 in overtime, McCoy was flushed out of the pocket and he kept the play alive and found Jordan Reed, who made a one-handed catch and kept his feet inbounds for the crucial first down.

A couple plays later, Kai Forbath kicked a go-ahead 40-yard field goal to give Washington a 20-17 lead.

Needing a touchdown to win, the Cowboys had to play four downs to tried to get out of their own end of the field.

After a few plays that did not benefit Dallas, they tried to keep their drive alive on fourth and 3.

However, the Washington defense forced quarterback Tony Romo to throw an incomplete pass that secured the win and sent the Washington bench in a frenzy.

We should not have underestimated Washington in this game since the Cowboys are their rivals.

Also, with McCoy starting the game in his home state, that should have been a huge sign that Washington was going to win and the fact that his family was there to support him.

This tweet by freelance writer Corey Roepken explains it all.

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