The Bright Lights Got Even Brighter

By Cheval John

In less than a week, SuperBowl XLVIII will commence at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

This SuperBowl is different because it will be the very first held in a cold geographic area since the merger of what is now the National Football League (NFL).

Normally, this type of event would not have taken place in an area that has all the elements like snow, etc.

But because it’s in the New York City area, the committee made the exception because it’s the center of major events.

For the players of both the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, this game will definitely be a whole new level.

Sure, it’s the biggest game of the year in the NFL and everyone who played in it can say that there is no other feeling like it.

However, this game will be even more special because the bright lights will be focused on the major media market in the United States.

Which beg to question, what if the SuperBowl was held in the South during this time and all of a sudden, with the unexpected winter weather hitting at the very moment of the game?

What I know for sure is that it would have been canceled only because of only one to two inches of “snow”

The reason is that for the second time in as many days, schools and colleges are canceled because of this type of weather.

For many of us who live in this part of the United States, it’s understandable because it is a rarity for us to see this type of weather and the roads become a hazard for the drivers because they don’t know how to handle the situation.

As for the people in the north, this is common and it is not a big deal to them.

So thank God that the SuperBowl is being held in the New York City area because if it was held anywhere in the “warm” weather climate during this unexpected weather, the big game would have been remembered as the very first to have been canceled because of “snow.”

Do you like the idea of the SuperBowl being held in the New York City area?

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