“Johnny” Go Lucky

By Cheval John

So after months of all the hoopla on whether Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel “allegedly” received any payments for signing autographs during the BCS National Championship game, the NCAA decided to suspend Mr. Manziel for half a game when Texas A&M faces Rice on Saturday.

Really, half a game?

It’s asinine because it seems like Mr. Manziel got away with a violation that many others wouldn’t have been able to do.

This is really pale compared to a year suspension that Dez Bryant, now wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, got while he was a college player for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

No pun added.

Bryant’s violation? Lying to NCAA investigators, who questioned him about whether he had dinner with Deion Sanders.

That shouldn’t have constituted a year suspension.

What this says to me is that the NCAA will go after players ruthlessly who aren’t producing their bottom line: TV ratings and making money.

They also proved that getting student-athletes through the door to graduation is only secondary and their mission statement is only in words.

So congratulations, NCAA, you just gave the critics more amo to blast and criticize you even more.

With Manziel having the opportunity to play this season, everybody will forget about his “alleged” transgressions and maybe, lead the Aggies to win the National Championship.

They already won with this ruling.

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