Was It Really Worth It?

By Cheval John

Many students dread going back to school.

They want to soak up the last few days of “freedom” before the summer season ends.

Some would go out and do something worthwhile like volunteering at camp, cheerleading workshops, etc. in order to overcome summer “boredom”

But what James Edwards, Jr., Chancey Luna and Michael Jones did to find “excitement” is really beyond me.

Last week, these “idiots” or I should say animals, went out and randomly shot and killed 23 year old Christopher Lane in Duncan, Oklahoma.

According to reports, they did it because they were “bored out of their minds” and wanted to go out and kill someone.

What were they thinking?

Where they really that bored that they felt the need to kill someone?

Couldn’t they go out and make a difference in their communities during the summer?

In their minds, they felt that it would be fun to scare someone and laugh at them.

They didn’t care to think that by doing this crime, they ruined the lives of Mr. Lane’s family in Australia and bring shame to Americans.

They didn’t care to think that by doing this crime, that they would tarnish the reputation of Duncan, Oklahoma.

They didn’t think that they would get caught and face the consequences for their actions.

Well, guess what, boys? For your stupidity and ignorant thinking, the price for your action is being charged with first-degree murder.

Mommy and daddy could have bailed you out for petty things, but they can’t help you now.

You’all took a promising young player’s life because you wanted to overcome boredom?

Last time I checked, hearing the stories of prison life from a former correctional officer, it is not boring.

You’all are about to find out how “exciting” it is when the jurors finds you guilty of first-degree murder and then you spend the rest of your miserable, pathetic lives behind bars.

Was it really worth?

To Mr. Lane’s family and friends, the answer is a big, fat, No!!!

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