Time Out Is Not Good Enough

By Cheval John

Classes resumed at the North Harris campus of Lone Star College System today after a shooting took place yesterday that left three people injured.

According to a report from CBSNews.com, investigators said that it all started from a fight before it escalated to gun fire.

Harris County police, North Harris campus police, etc. arrived at the scene within minutes and evacuated everyone from campus.

Carlton Berry, who were involved in the shooting, suffered gun shot wounds and is in stable condition.

He was later charged with aggreviated assault and is still in stable condition.

With the heated debate of gun control, the shooting received national attention from major media outlets from NBC to CBS.

Many would use this as an example to say that if teachers were armed with a guns, they would not be this wide spread shooting.

Some legislators in Texas and Arkansas are even trying to get a bill passed in their respective states that would allow those who have a license to carry a concealed weapon on universities.

They believe that it will solve everything and keep the campus safe.

Personally, I believe that the reason why we have all of these shootings at schools across the nation is
because these same people that are causing these massacres having received discipline at their home while they were children.

It seems like if a child does something wrong, the parents put them in “time out” to think about what they had done wrong instead of spanking them.

What they don’t realize is that they are allowing their child to get away with stuff that by the time they grow up, they believe that they can get away with anything and continue to be a menace to society.

On the other hand, the police are doing their best to control the crime and in a way are doing the job that the parents should have been doing in the first place.

I really think that this nation needs to get back to the good ole days of spanking their child while they are young because if they don’t, the schools will continue to be a war zone.

If you agree or disagree with this commentary, please leave a comment below.

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