RG3 Should Go To The NFL

by Cheval John

Normally, I would be for college athletes, especially football and basketball players, stay their entire four years of their eligibility in order to get their college degrees because it will allow them to fall back on something if their dreams of playing in the National Football League (NFL) or the National Basketball Association (NBA) doesn’t work out. With junior quarterback Robert Griffith III, also known as RG3, I take an exception.

Griffith had a phenomenal year, passing for 3,998 yards, 36 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. He became the first player from Baylor University to win the Heisman Trophy and is one of the top prospects that could be drafted in the NFL next year. He also has a chance to return for his senior year in order to help the Baylor Bears improve to an even better record and possibly play for the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship and forgo the draft.

I honestly think that he should go to the NFL Draft. Now you might be saying, “I thought that you want to see college athletes go for four years in order to get their degrees?” I do, but here is the reason why I take an exception with RG3: He has already attained his Bachelor’s Degree and is about to graduate with his Masters Degree next year, so why should he come back and play his “senior year, when he has the opportunity to make millions of dollars in the NFL? It just doesn’t make any sense and if he does decide to come back and play, then all the power to him and I hope that the team succeeds next year because even though they get another quarterback, they probably will not be like RG3 and that is o.k.

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2 Responses to “RG3 Should Go To The NFL”

  1. Nick says :

    I have to agree. It’s a rare thing to see an athlete with the ability and star-power of RG3, who had no real reason to study harder than anyone else, attain a degree at all—let alone before his senior year. He’s a very bright kid, and you can tell when he speaks to the media that he’s smarter than the average Bear (or Longhorn or Wolverine for that matter!).
    He’s had a great career so far and he’ll do well in life no matter where he winds up. He should jump to the draft and instantly improve the reputation of young, talented athletes in the NFL.

    • Cheval John says :

      I definitely agree with you. The real reason why college athletes are there at their respective universities is because of their talent and that talent got them their scholarship to represent their university and to get an education at that university. If they just going to improve their skill and then leave before they graduate, then they missed the point. I definitely have a ton of respect for RG3 and I hope that more student athletes follow his example.

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