It Is Never Too Early To Get Prepared

Tomorrow is National Career Development
Day and as part of the National Career Development Week, the Career
Services Department
at Sam Houston State University is allowing
students to ‘walk-in’ and speak with career counselors between the
hours of 9-12 and 1:30-4 p.m for mini-sessions of 15-20 minutes to
discuss the services they offer.

Today, we spotlight Samantha McKinley,
a freshmen who is majoring in general business. Like many others, she
did not know what she wanted to study. So she decided to go to the
Career Services to find out what major would help her to succeed in
school and to discover her career dreams.

We caught up with Samantha to find out
what Career Services has to offer.

What’s the Word: How did you come to
the decision to major in general business?

Samantha McKinley: I started out with
music and then with education. Then I decided on business because I
felt that I have a lot of options. Because I am starting out with
general business, I can get into the higher classes and can decide
specifically on what I want to do with business.

WTW: How has Career Services helped

SM: Career Services have been such a
great help. I made my first appointment really early in the semester
and did their online test to assess my skills and strengths. Then I
went in and met with Ms. Carranza and she reviewed my results with me
and gave me a lot of information about different majors that I may be
good at or things I could do with the majors that I might enjoy.
After the meeting, I received that information and met with her again
to discuss more specific fields that I might be interested in and
gave me some suggestions on what I can do to learn more about this

WTW: What would you say to students who
are in your position who don’t know what they want to major in?

SM: Meet with the Career Services as
fast as you can if you don’t know what your going to do. Even if you
go in there and you say “I have absolutely no idea of what I want
to do with my life,” they can at least give you a starting
direction. Based on that point, you can research for yourself of what
you might want to do. From there, you can discuss specific careers
that you might want to learn about and they can give you different
tips on where you can go and what to look for when you’re researching

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