You Are What You Eat

Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are. – Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Everyone at some point in their lives has heard this phrase “you are what you eat”. Some have not really thought about the quote because they don’ t really understand it. But in reality, that saying rings true both directly and indirectly.

On Thursday, March 11, Xue (Sherry) Zhang, one of the 16 students from Zhejiang Police College, presented a movie “Eat Drink Man Woman” as part of “A Night in Chinatown” series in the Olson Auditorium at Sam Houston State University.

The movie is about a father named Chu, a senior master chef with three daughters who cook a meal for his three daughters every Sunday. Though they were adults, the daughters lived with their father because they felt that he needed company after the passing of their mother. As the movie goes on, each one of the daughters found their true love and left home.

As the movie progresses, Chu begins to feel that he’s losing his taste for  food because he’s  getting older and believed that he had needed to retire. But in reality, he was keeping his emotions inside,  causing him to lose the “instinct” that goes into cooking.

At the close of the movie, Chu went to the home of one of his daughters for dinner and she had prepared the meal for him. As he tasted her food, he regained his “instinct” for cooking because he had finally released the emotion of love for his daughter.

The movie was excellent because it explains that humans will always have a need for food and relationships and that when the family gets together for a meal, it allows them to express their feelings that they have toward each other.

Here’s a clip from the movie:

For more information about the different type of foods in the world, visit this website:

And here are the final two movies that will be shown next week:

March 22: The Equation of Love and Death

March 24: Dream Weaver: Beijing 2008

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