Now I’ve Seen Everything

by Cheval John

A little of Panama was featured at the Latin Jazz Concert last Saturday night. The concert was headlined by Danilo Perez of Panama and the “Perez Trio” which featured bassist Ben Street and drummer Adam Cruz, both who from the New York area.

The first half of the concert, the SHSU symphony orchestra played with the trio along with a couple of jazz musicians from Woodcreek High School.

The second half of the concert, the SHSU Jazz Band, under the direction of Aric Schneller, professor of music at SHSU, played along with the trio. In the final rendition, pianist Luis Marin of Puerto Rico, who played on Monday night, joined in the festivities.

The concert was the finale of Festival Inspiracion. I personally enjoyed it because of the presentations that was given, the improvisation concert on Wednesday that featured the works of Jesus Moroles, a sculptor from Corpus Christi, Texas in which the musicians played music from the works and the SHSU dancers created choreography for the performance.

Will we see another festival inspiracion? Only time will tell.

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