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Everyone Truly Matters

By Cheval John

I am grateful for Angela Maiers, founder of Choose 2 Matter, because she gave me the answers I needed to keep on going with my business and podcast.

Earlier yesterday, I lost my headset that was crucial to me recording my podcast on Blue Jeans Network.

I had left my work equipment at the office to retrace my steps to finding my headset.

I knew that I had left it on the train and ironically, I knew which train it was.

So I traveled on the next train to “chase” the other train.

I knew I had to keep my eyes open for that particular train so that I could get off at the next stop to get my headset.

The problem was when the train had passed me on the second to last stop, the thought came into my mind that I had lost the headset.

So I traveled home keeping the faith that I had left the headset home.

However, I did not see the headset and I knew that I lost it forever.

So I had to buy a new and quality headset because I had a podcast recording later that day with Ms. Maiers.

After buying the headset, I was depressed because I was wondering if it was worth it to continue with my podcast because I was not seeing the return in investment like I wanted with my business.

The interview with Ms. Maiers went well because she shared tremendous value to the audience who saw the live recording on Facebook Live.

In the post-recording, I chatted with Ms. Maiers about contemplating to quit my business and podcast.

She understood my frustration and told me that I did not need to launch the podcast episode with her appearance next week because she thought I needed to take a break.

At that moment, I realized that I could not take a break from my podcast because it was very important to me to showcase the people who are making a positive impact in the world through their business and careers.

The truth was I already knew that I could never quit my business and podcast.

However, I needed the reinforcement from Ms. Maiers at that exact moment that I was on the correct path in providing quality content that will solve the audience’s pain points.

That is the power of community when you surround yourself with the people who will lift you up to greatness.

So the most important message to take away is that everyone of you matter because you have a unique gift that can bright up the world.

And Angela Maiers is someone that people need to pay attention to because she is changing the world through her organization, Choose 2 Matter.

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