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Focus More On The Journey To Your Destination

By Cheval John

We see the infomercials of someone who achieved their goals of making millions of dollars or even losing weight in a “short” amount of time.

The people who are broadcasting the infomercials are selling that if they can follow their system, then you can achieve the same success that they and their clients have achieved.

Though they mean well and those claims are true to a degree depending on the person, we think to ourselves that we can achieve the same goals that they achieve.

Or what about the person who got out of debt whether it is school loans or credit card debt?

That is more believable because we see stories on how they got through the debt and live to share about it to many others who are currently fighting to get out of debt.

Example: Eventual Millionaire’s Jaime Tardy, who got out of $70,000 dollars of debt in a short amount of time because she and her family was disciplined in their spending and also side-hustling with various work to achieve their goal of financial freedom.

What about stories of those who are still working their way to financial freedom and are looking for inspiration from those who are on the same journey to success.

Shannon McLay returned on my podcast, “What’s The Word?,” to chat how “Next-Gen Financial” was a model for her new company, “The Financial Gym.”

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We chatted about how her dream goal of the “Financial Gym” was a three year plan because of some obstacles that she faced and her podcast,”Martinis And Your Money,” especially the episode ,”Overcoming Financial Obstacles” with Melanie from Dear Debt, Tonya from Budget and The Beach and Mrs. Frugalwoods from Frugalwoods.

Each shared about the challenges of gaining and maintaining financial freedom.

What was interesting is that they were willing to be vulnerable about their journeys and not pretend that they were on top of the world.

They understand that they are others who are currently facing debt and are looking for inspiration like people who are facing a combined trillion dollars in student loan debt.

They also know that the journey to the destination of financial freedom is really the best part because of golden lessons that they can share with others.

So it is always important to not focus too much on the destination whether it is financial freedom, achieving millions of viewers for your blog, making more money or achieving that prestigious degree.

If you only focus on the end goal, you will miss out on enjoying the journey to that goal which will be enriching to your life.

What are your thoughts on enjoying your journey to achieving overall success in your life?

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Developing Your Social Skills

By Cheval John

When you are attending an event, whether it is a conference, sports, etc., it is viable to know how to act in certain situations.

Just because a person pays a boat load of money does not mean they should act like a fool.

We have seen at sporting events, fans who would try to get involved with the action of the games and would end up paying the price for it.

For example, an Alabama fan went after the Oklahoma students during the team’s humiliating loss in the Sugar Bowl.

She did not stop to think that her actions would hurt her reputation in the long run.

If she was an entrepreneur or a professional, many would point to the video and then wonder if it is ideal to do business with her.

In the same manner, if a professional is traveling overseas for business, they will have to understand how the norms of the country’s culture in which they are doing business.

Kara Ronin, founder of Executive Impressions, understands the nuances of doing business in another culture.

She has lived and worked in Japan, the United States and now France.

She had to adapt to the different working norms of the countries in order to succeed.

Her experience has allowed her to teach people from corporate to university students on how to adjust to the living standards of the countries through her company, Executive Impressions.

You can take a listen below.

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After listening, what are your thoughts on developing your social skills?

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Video courtesy of Bon Blossman

Life Is Not Harder Than Death

By Cheval John

Nicole Welch (left) interviewing Pat Flynn (right) at Podcast Movement 2015 Courtesy of  Vallano Media

Nicole Welch (left) interviewing Pat Flynn (right) at Podcast Movement 2015 Courtesy of Vallano Media

A customer came in to order some supplies after work.

After his order, I asked him, “How was his day?”

He said, “It was a Monday, but it is not the same after working the weekend.”

Then, I followed up with his occupation.

He mentioned that he was a lawyer.

I had a feeling that he was not happy with his work granted that he had spent a huge amount of time in college to achieve the law degree.

So I asked him what his dream goal would be.

He mentioned, “Not working and sitting on the beach and watching his kids grow up.”

He added that he would not be able to “enjoy” life until he reaches the age of 75.

And when he was about to leave, he said, “Life Is Much Harder Than Death.”

That statement was a dagger in my heart.

He had accepted the old dogma that he had to work the long hours in order to be successful.

At the same time, I was not surprised because he is among the many Americans who are unhappy at their work according to this Forbes article by Susan Adams.

He did not see that he had the power to make the life of his dreams come true by finding his true calling.

The truth is that anyone can change their situation and make it better.

I had the fortune to spend the weekend at the Omni Hotel in Ft. Worth for Podcast Movement’15, organized by Jared Easley, Dan Franks, Mitch Todd and Gary A. Leland.

Though it was a national conference, which was the first of it kind, it felt like a small gathering of like-minded people who were either podcasters, about to start a podcast or was learning more about the medium.

They have podcasts about different subject matters like sports, books, self-help, video games, etc.

The podcasters that attended are authors, entrepreneurs, sales people, etc. and are all rock stars in their own right.

The best part was meeting fellow podcasters who I had developed great friendships with online and meeting others who I met for the first time.

What is more impressive is that they did not settle for the status quo like the majority of people that was mentioned in the Forbes article.

They knew that they were meant to do more to make their lives better and also to help people to achieve their goals of making the world a better place.

People like Kimanzi Constable, who worked as a bread delivery person for 12 years before breaking free after he self-published two books that sold over 45,000 copies before getting a book deal with Sound Wisdom.

Now, he is is an accomplished speaker, coach and a contributor to large websites like Entrepreneur, the Huffington Post and Mind Body Green.

And because he did not settled for the mediocre, he was one of the co-founders of the Self-Publishing Success Academy, where they teach about being successful as a self-published author and has helped a lot of people to be accomplished authors.

And Patty Elizee, who has a podcast called, “The Brand You Economy.”

I had written about her story in the previous article, “Making An Investment In Yourself.”

She was energetic and was introducing everyone at the conference.

She brought a lot of life to the party.

Another person I will mention is Nicole Welch, who hosts a podcast called, “Real Time, Real Men Only.”

She was really awesome because she brought a lot of value to those who spent time with her.

Mrs. Welch also was one of the few who had the opportunity to interview Smart Passive Income’s Pat Flynn at the conference.

She showcased her personality and asked really good questions.

Another thing that stood out to me was the fact that Katie Krimitsos, of Biz Women Rock and the energetic, South Florida Podcast Group, wrote an excellent post on how to arrive at the Omni Hotel using the TRE Railway if attendees were arriving either at Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport or Dallas’ Love Field Airport.

That thoughtful post made a big difference for those who were visiting Ft.Worth for the first time.

All of these podcasters showed that if you really want to enjoy life, you must create your own destiny and not settle for the mediocre.

The truth is, “Life Is Not Harder Than Death.”

What will you do to achieve the best life that you want to fulfill your calling to make the world a better place?

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