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North Dakota State Is The Team Of This Decade

By Cheval John

The Bison won their fifth consecutive NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) National Championship after defeating Jacksonville State 37-10 in Frisco, Texas.

The five consecutive national championships won by the Bison is an NCAA record in football at any level.

It seemed as if they were not supposed to win anymore after their third national championship when Craig Bohl had left for Wyoming in 2014 and Brock Jensen had graduated.

But somehow, some way, North Dakota State have kept the winning streak going under coach Chris Kleiman.

The journey for North Dakota State was tougher this year than their previous championship runs.

The Bison lost to Montana in the opening matchup of the 2015 season.

Then their senior quarterback, Carson Weinctz went down with a wrist injury on October 17th during their 24-21 loss to South Dakota at the FargoDome.

Video courtesy of North Dakota State Athletics

That injury to Weinctz brought further doubt to the Bison faithful that they were not going to return to Frisco.

They even thought that they would have gotten their refund because they buy their championship tickets to the National Championship matchup in August.

However, the Bison football team believed that they were going to turn their season around because they have won before when nobody thought that they would win.

Freshman quarterback Easton Stick stepped up and led the Bison to an 8-game winning streak that includes securing their fifth consecutive conference championship and also keeping their playoff winning streak of 16 matchups in the Fargo Dome alive and well.

However for the championship matchup against Jacksonville State, the coaching staff decided to let Weinctz start after he was cleared to play football by the doctors.

And Mr. Weinctz went 16 of 29 for 197 yards and a touchdown and rushed for 79 yards and two scores on 9 carries.

The Bison’s mindset of believing that they can win despite the obstacles that they face is a testament to what the residents of North Dakota love about their team.

Did you know that the Bison is 8-3 against teams from the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) since they joined the Division I level?

Do you also know in those 8 wins against FBS teams, five of those wins are consecutive against the Big Ten and Big 12 combined?

The Bison football team also have a strong fan base in Fargo, North Dakota and probably in all of college football.

The Bison faithful travel well whenever the football team is on the road

That is evident whenever the Bison are playing in the championship matchup in Frisco.

North Dakota does not have any professional sports teams.

So the only sports teams that come close to professional is the collegiate sports teams from the different universities that are in the state.

And the fact that North Dakota State has a rich history of winning national championships when they were in Division II before transitioning to Division I tells a story of how they have captured the hearts of the residents of North Dakota.

Video courtesy of North Dakota State Athletics

The residents of North Dakota understands that hard work and dedication is what gets them to be successful in life for the better.

North Dakota State exemplifies the work ethic that the residents of North Dakota share that makes them proud for the better.

The Bison also showcases the importance of having a positive mindset and working hard to achieve your dreams for the better.

When a person have the positive mindset and the work ethic to succeed in their respective careers for the better, they will eventually have the same success like North Dakota State.

What’s The Word? Top Ten Episodes of 2015

By Cheval John

2015 was a challenging and fun journey with my show, What’s The Word?

I had the opportunity to meet some of the employees of BlogTalkRadio at Podcast Movement in Fort Worth, Texas.

They shared about the evolution of their platform and how it will enhance the audio quality of podcasters who are using their service.

The best part was discovering the live streaming platform called where anyone can showcase their expertise if they are entrepreneurs, marketers or even sportscasters.

And the fact that they send you audio and video file of the show if it was on the record makes it easy for anyone to launch a podcast.

To me, blab is more interactive and you can engage with your audience while they are watching your live recording of the podcast.

With that being said, I will continue to use BlogTalkRadio because they are making improvements on their platform and I really don’t have to do much editing of the show.

And I am looking forward to what 2016 has instore for my show and also to uplift people who listens to the show for the better.

So I am delighted to share the top ten episodes of What’s The Word? from 2015 (not in order of course):

1. Laura Wilkinson: Olympic Diving Gold Medalist

2. Greg Walker, Author And Entrepreneur

3. Nicole Welch: Host of Real Time, Real Men Only

4. Patty Elizee: Host of The Brand You Economy

5. Kelly Hungerford: Moderator of #BizHeroes

6. Brian Fanzo: Partner and Chief Digital Strategist At BroadSuite

7. Adel de Meyer: Social Media Specialist and Hootsuite Ambassador

8. Gordon Tredgold, Author of “FAST”

9. Christin Kardos: Social Media Strategist At BayLeaf Digital

10. Melodee Meyer: Founder of The Fit Free Project

And here are a few honorable mentions from What’s The Word?

Amy Robles: Host of Think Enriched Podcast

Lara Galloway: Author, Speaker and Coach

The Most Inspirational Moments of 2015

By Cheval John

Two sports moments stood out to me in 2015 that inspired us to keep on pushing towards achieving our dreams for the better.

The two sports moments that I am chatting about is the Toronto Blue Jays comeback win against the Texas Rangers in the American League Divisional Series and Holly Holm’s shocking win against Rhonda Rousey.


The Toronto Blue Jays was facing an 0-2 deficit after losing the first two matchups against the Texas Rangers in their home city.

The Rangers had everything going for them because they take away the Blue Jays’ home field advantage with an opportunity to return back to the American League Championship series for the first time since 2011 on their second consecutive run to the World Series.

It is rare for team who have been down 0-2 in a best of five playoff series come back and win the series.

Toronto was looking to pull off three consecutive wins against the Rangers and join the 2012’s San Francisco Giants, who came from behind to win their divisional series and later the World Series.

Not only did they accomplished the task of winning those two games in Arlington, Texas, they outplayed the Rangers 13-5 to return to Toronto in a winner takes all Game 5.

The Rangers got a huge gift in the top of the seventh inning.

With a runner on third base and the scored tied at 2, Russell Martin’s routine throw back to the pitcher hit off the bat of Shin-Shoo Choo and into fair territory that made it a live baseball and allowed the third run to score.

The gift run should have given Texas the opportunity to put Toronto out of their misery.

That was when the craziness began in the bottom of the seventh inning.

The Rangers committed three uncharacteristic errors on routine plays that loaded the bases.

After Josh Donaldson’s blooped fielder’s choice play tied the score at three, Jose Bautista came up to bat.

With a energetic crowd sensing that something great was going to happen, Bautista delivered the go-ahead three-run moonshot heard around Toronto and Canada.

Note: The home run happened around the 15:55 of this YouTube video by Major League Baseball

The Blue Jays were able to prevent a possible rally by Texas in the top of the eight inning and cruised towards an epic comeback series win.


Many did not believe that Rhonda Rousey was going to lose the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fight against Holly Holm.

Entering this matchup, Rousey was undefeated and held the championship belt in her three year reign in UFC.

Holm was a former boxer and had only fought twice in the UFC since joining their organization in 2014.

It seemed as if she was not ready for the spotlight because she had not had many fights in the UFC like Rousy.

And only once that Rousey went past the first round in a UFC fight before the matchup with Ms. Holm.

Holm took Rousey past the first round and did the impossible when she landed a left kick to Rousey’s face and pinned her to the ground.

Short video courtesy of Dreist Studio

The win by Holm sent shockwaves around the world.

And what is even more impressive about Ms. Holm is that she has remained humble despite the sudden fame.

So there you have it, the two sports moments that stood out in 2015.

If you are searching for inspiration when you think that you will not achieve your dreams for the better, look at these two sports moments of 2015.

Because if the Toronto Blue Jays and Holly Holm can overcome the odds to be successful for the better, then anyone can follow their lead in achieving success that will make a positive impact on the world.

Creativity Always Outshines Talent

By Cheval John

When Air Zealand made it’s inaugural landing at Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) on Tuesday, it became an historic event.

The reason is that Houston became the first city in North America and the 6th city globally, to have non-stop flights to cities in all 6 continents of the world.

Normally, an airport that has more airlines and space, like Los Angeles International Airport should be able to accomplish the feat.

That was not the case.

IAH has a total of 36 gates in their international terminals (Terminal D for foreign carriers and Terminal E for United’s International flights).

While the largest airports in the world like (Los Angeles) has more international gates.

So why is it that Houston became the 6th city in the world to serve cities in all 6 continents and Los Angeles did not.

Well, Houston was very creative in how they use their airport to co-ordinate international flights and the foreign carriers shares the ticket counter in Terminal D.

Meaning certain international flights from foreign carriers flies in the morning time (Asia), then others fly in the afternoon (European), while the rest flies in the night time (Middle East and some Asian flights).

That is why Houston was able to succeed with the limited resources they had.

When most people have limited resources, the first thing they do is make excuses on why they can’t succeed with their business.

They are not seeing it as an opportunity to use their creativity and in the process stand out from their competition in their businesses.

In the same way like IAH, the Kansas City Royals made their second consecutive World Series appearance and won it this time.

Kansas City does not have a huge payroll like the New York Yankees to bring in the most talented baseball players in Major League Baseball.

They used what was given to them in talent and developed their baseball players to compete year in and year out.

Plus, each of the Kansas City baseball players had the growth mindset and worked very hard to be the best and that is why they made consecutive trips to the World Series.

So if you feel like you have limited budget to take your business to the next level, don’t complain.

See it as an opportunity to showcase your creativity that will take your business to the next level and attract the correct clients to your business for the better.

Samantha Kelly, a.k.a. the TweetingGoddess, did just that and is now successful in her business for the better.

And to get more inspiration, listen to this interview on my show, “What’s The Word? with guest Maria Ross, founder of Red Slice.

First video is courtesy of Airways

Second video is courtesy of TEDXTalks

Life Is Not Harder Than Death

By Cheval John

Nicole Welch (left) interviewing Pat Flynn (right) at Podcast Movement 2015 Courtesy of  Vallano Media

Nicole Welch (left) interviewing Pat Flynn (right) at Podcast Movement 2015 Courtesy of Vallano Media

A customer came in to order some supplies after work.

After his order, I asked him, “How was his day?”

He said, “It was a Monday, but it is not the same after working the weekend.”

Then, I followed up with his occupation.

He mentioned that he was a lawyer.

I had a feeling that he was not happy with his work granted that he had spent a huge amount of time in college to achieve the law degree.

So I asked him what his dream goal would be.

He mentioned, “Not working and sitting on the beach and watching his kids grow up.”

He added that he would not be able to “enjoy” life until he reaches the age of 75.

And when he was about to leave, he said, “Life Is Much Harder Than Death.”

That statement was a dagger in my heart.

He had accepted the old dogma that he had to work the long hours in order to be successful.

At the same time, I was not surprised because he is among the many Americans who are unhappy at their work according to this Forbes article by Susan Adams.

He did not see that he had the power to make the life of his dreams come true by finding his true calling.

The truth is that anyone can change their situation and make it better.

I had the fortune to spend the weekend at the Omni Hotel in Ft. Worth for Podcast Movement’15, organized by Jared Easley, Dan Franks, Mitch Todd and Gary A. Leland.

Though it was a national conference, which was the first of it kind, it felt like a small gathering of like-minded people who were either podcasters, about to start a podcast or was learning more about the medium.

They have podcasts about different subject matters like sports, books, self-help, video games, etc.

The podcasters that attended are authors, entrepreneurs, sales people, etc. and are all rock stars in their own right.

The best part was meeting fellow podcasters who I had developed great friendships with online and meeting others who I met for the first time.

What is more impressive is that they did not settle for the status quo like the majority of people that was mentioned in the Forbes article.

They knew that they were meant to do more to make their lives better and also to help people to achieve their goals of making the world a better place.

People like Kimanzi Constable, who worked as a bread delivery person for 12 years before breaking free after he self-published two books that sold over 45,000 copies before getting a book deal with Sound Wisdom.

Now, he is is an accomplished speaker, coach and a contributor to large websites like Entrepreneur, the Huffington Post and Mind Body Green.

And because he did not settled for the mediocre, he was one of the co-founders of the Self-Publishing Success Academy, where they teach about being successful as a self-published author and has helped a lot of people to be accomplished authors.

And Patty Elizee, who has a podcast called, “The Brand You Economy.”

I had written about her story in the previous article, “Making An Investment In Yourself.”

She was energetic and was introducing everyone at the conference.

She brought a lot of life to the party.

Another person I will mention is Nicole Welch, who hosts a podcast called, “Real Time, Real Men Only.”

She was really awesome because she brought a lot of value to those who spent time with her.

Mrs. Welch also was one of the few who had the opportunity to interview Smart Passive Income’s Pat Flynn at the conference.

She showcased her personality and asked really good questions.

Another thing that stood out to me was the fact that Katie Krimitsos, of Biz Women Rock and the energetic, South Florida Podcast Group, wrote an excellent post on how to arrive at the Omni Hotel using the TRE Railway if attendees were arriving either at Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport or Dallas’ Love Field Airport.

That thoughtful post made a big difference for those who were visiting Ft.Worth for the first time.

All of these podcasters showed that if you really want to enjoy life, you must create your own destiny and not settle for the mediocre.

The truth is, “Life Is Not Harder Than Death.”

What will you do to achieve the best life that you want to fulfill your calling to make the world a better place?

You can leave your comments below.