The Growing Pains Of A Student-Athlete

By Cheval John

University of Georgia’s tailback Todd Gurley was suspended indefinitely by UGA’s athletic department.

Gurley is currently being investigated by the NCAA for an undisclosed rules violation.

One could suspect that it was for accepting improper benefits, which is an NCAA violation.

“I’m obviously very disappointed,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said in a statement. “The important thing for our team is to turn all our attention toward preparation for Missouri.”

If it’s true, then Gurley made a huge mistake on his part.

However, we have to look at the bigger picture at what is going on in college athletics.

The NCAA is making billions of dollars a year, mostly from football and basketball.

Though college athletes receives a stipend in the form of scholarships, they do not receive a share of the revenue.

We have heard from many prominent figures that mentioned that the NCAA is taking advantage of the student-athletes.

They might go even further as saying that the NCAA is run like a business despite being a non-profit organization.

If that was the case, then the non-revenue sports would not be there and it will devoid those, particular women athletes, the opportunity to gain an education.

On the other hand, the NCAA has so many byzantine rules that it is difficult for athletic administrators to really see if they are following the rules.

I could go even further to say that most of the rules are so petty and ridiculous that it seems that they want the student-athletes to remain poor while they are in school.

Though I am not condoning the alleged improper benefits violation of Gurley, a person can understand why he did it.

If the NCAA can ease up on some of their rules like allowing a family friend to pay for meals they can’t afford, then I think that we would not see so many violations of improper benefits.

That is something that they can think about.

Texans’ Fans Showed Their Spirit At Jerry’s World

By Cheval John

The once in a few years rivalry matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans ended with the Cowboys winning in overtime 20-17.

Though they were some highlights like Tony Romo’s houdini escape from J.J. Watt that resulted in a touchdown pass to an unbelievable catch by Dez Bryant that set up the game-winning field goal in overtime, the real takeaway was the invasion of AT&T Stadium by the fan base of the Texans.

The Texans’ fans made themselves known in Jerry’s World that Romo criticize his supporters because he felt that the Cowboys was playing a road game despite being at home.

“We played on the road today in that football game,” Romo said after the game to Sports Illustrated. “We need to do a better job as a fan base.”

This is not the first time that the Cowboys felt that way.

In the opening week of the season against the San Francisco 49ers, there were a slew of 49ers fans at Jerry World in support of their team.

At times when I took to Twitter to tweet about the game, I thought that the Cowboys had made a play after I heard the fans cheering.

However, it turned out that it was the 49ers that were making the plays.

As a 49er fan, I felt relieved and happy that they beat the Cowboys in their own stadium.

Maybe the Cowboys’ fans are sending a message to their team that we will not accept mediocrity anymore with the lack of a turnout to the games.

Jerry Jones might have finally received the message after the Texans’ fan base showed who is Texas’ real team.

“Royal” Magic

By Cheval John

The Royals are one game away from moving on to the American League Championship Series after pulling off another extra inning win against the Los Angeles Angels.

Coming into this series, the Royals were last in the AL in home runs.

However, it was the long ball that has led them to be 2-0 against the Angels.

The first game was tied at 2 in the 11th when Royals’ third baseman Mike Moustakas launched a go-ahead, game-winning home run to secure the win.

Then lightning struck twice early this morning.

In the top of the 11th inning with the game tied at 1 with a runner on, first baseman Eric Hosmer hit a two-run blast to right field that made it 3-1.

With the air lifted out of Anaheim Stadium, the Royals tacked on another run to make it 4-1.

The post-season has made heroes out of ordinary players.

Perhaps, this is a sign that the Royals are going to win it all this year.

If that happens, it will be 1985 all over again.

The Kansas City faithful, who traveled to Anaheim seems to agree.

The Resurgence Of Podcasts

By Cheval John

When Apple created the iPod in 2001, many in the tech world sensed that it was going to be a major disruption in the industry.

Apple wasn’t done yet as iTunes followed almost a year later.

They led the way for podcasts, a digital medium that consists of episodes, to grow substantially over the years.

As today is National Podcast Day, we celebrate the resurgence of this digital medium that has changed the media industry.

According to the, there are over 91,765 podcasts.

Shows like His and Hers, featuring ESPN’s own Michael Smith and Jemele Hill and the Marketing Lifestyle Show with Amy Schmittauer, owner of Vlog Boss Studios, have generated a loyal following that it has given the traditional radio industry a run for it’s money.

If a person is a small business owner who don’t have the money to buy ads like major corporations, a college student or a recent college graduate who are trying to stand out from the crowd of their peers, they should consider starting a podcast.

With podcasting, anyone can showcase their expertise if they do not like to be in front of the camera.

In order to create a podcast, you need equipment like a microphone, earphones and a dashboard that can be hooked up to your computer.

The cost ranges from $99.99 to $569.

If you are looking for an affordable way to create your podcast, then I would suggest BlogTalkRadio.

BlogTalkRadio was founded in 2006 by Alan Levy and Bob Charish.

It has over 30 million monthly listeners.

BlogTalkRadio is so easy to use because all you need is a phone and a computer.

You can create a free account with BlogTalkRadio that will allow you to have only 30 minutes of live

You have the option to upgrade to either a Premium Plan for $39 a month, a Plus Plan for $99 a month or a Pro Plan for $249 a month, with the first month free.

The best part about BlogTalkRadio is that your show is live and then afterward, it is archived as a podcast and can be downloaded from the show’s site.

It can also be submitted to iTunes if you have an account with them.

So if you want to separate yourself from the competition and think that podcasting is for you, go for it.

If it does not work out, it will not be a big deal because you tried something new and stepped outside of your comfort zone.

Excerpt from the book, “8 Things You Need To Do Before Quitting Your Job

A Huge Salute To El Capitan, Derek Jeter

By Cheval John

What more can you say about Derek Jeter?

One word, “Greatness.”

In his final game at Yankee Stadium, Jeter delivered a walk-off single that gave the New York Yankees a 6-5 victory against the Baltimore Orioles.

Jeter, who had announced that 2014 would be his final season earlier this year, did it in his own way.

Whether it was diving into the stands to catch a foul ball, becoming Mr. November after hitting a walk-off home run in the 2001 World Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks or becoming the first Yankee to have 3,000 career hits, Jeter has always came through in the clutch in big moments when his team needed it.

One particular play that will always stand out from the others came against the Oakland Athletics during the playoffs that was a catalyst for the Yankees to go to the World Series in 2001.

During game 3 of the ALDS playoffs against the Oakland Athletics, Jeter made a spectacular play dubbed “The Flip.”

The Athletics was trailing 1-0 with two outs when Terrence Long hit a double down the right field line.

Jeremy Giambi, who was on first base, seemed to be scot-free for the home plate after the throw missed both the cut-off men.

Suddenly, Jeter raced towards the ball and flipped it to catcher Jorge Posada, who tagged out Giambi at home to preserve the lead.

The Yankees went on to win the game and eventually took the series from the Athletics.

Though I will always despise the Yankees, I will miss seeing Jeter play the game of baseball because he did it the right way and he always carried himself with class.

Jeter and the Yankees will finish their regular season this weekend at their arch-rivals, the Boston Red Sox.

One can suspect that the Red Sox faithful will give Jeter a standing ovation because he has earned it.