Making Life Simplier With Social Media

By Cheval John

Photo courtesy of digitalart

Photo courtesy of digitalart

Today’s blog post is in response to Natalie Sisson’s question, “What Is The One Social Media Tool That You Will Make Your Life Easier.” #paraphrased.

This is part of Natalie’s 15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge.

If you want to participate in the blog challenge, you can find out how here.

The one social media tool that I am using right now is Last Pass.

Last Pass keep all of your passwords in one place and remembers your passwords.

I found out about Last Pass through Natalie during her presentation on the blog challenge.

It is really amazing because you have so many different passwords and if you don’t remember them, then you are in trouble.

Last Pass is the one product that will allow me to not worry about focusing on remembering passwords.

As for the other social media tool that I will recommend is Buffer.

This social media platform is a great because it allows you to schedule your Tweets.

Also, the Tweets are very specific towards your audience.

Since Twitter is the social media platform where I spend most of my time, I want to share pertinent information that would benefit my friends.

Even though I don’t use Buffer on a consistent basis, but I will from today, I highly recommend Buffer because it will make your life easier.

What is the one social media tool that will make your life easier? You can leave your comments below.

Setting Deadlines For Your Goals

By Cheval John

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This post is in response to Natalie Sisson’s question, “What Are Your Three Goals You Set To Achieve This Year.” paraphrased.

It is part of Natalie’s “15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge.”

If you want to join in on her blog challenge, you can visit here.

Just to forewarn you, you will have to catch up with the rest of us because this is the 8th day of her blog challenge.

I will have to say that the top three goals I want to accomplish are attending the Podcast Movement 2015, publish two more books and speak at an event.

The first goal is really important because I missed out on the first ever Podcast Movement last year.

Hearing so much from top podcasters like Amy Schmittauer of Vlog Boss Studios on the event and how much they enjoyed it really lit a fire for me to make it to this year’s conference.

Plus, I missed out on the opportunity to meet Ms. Sisson and Jaime Tardy of Eventual Millionaire in person.

The both of them were part of a panel there.

This year, I am really determined to make Podcast Movement and connect with awesome people who are doing well with their podcast.

The event will be from July 31st-August 2.

The second goal, publishing two books will be done through Nina Amir’s Blogging A Book 30 day challenges that will be held in April and November. #paraphrased.

I honestly believe that this will allow me to stay accountable to my goals of writing a book and also use this website as a place to see if there is a market for a book.

The goal is to get the third book released by June 1st and the fourth book released by December 20th, God’s willing.

Third goal is to gain speaking engagements.

I have learned about the value of speaking engagements during a four-week self-publishing class taught by Kimanzi Constable and Jimmy Burgess this month.

I will be very honest, I am very terrified at speaking in front of people because I am an introvert.

I have given some class presentations during my years as an undergraduate student.

However, speaking in front of people is a whole different ball game.

So my goal is to gain some speaking engagements by May 1st.

Now that you have seen my three goals, I want to know what are the three goals you are going to fulfill this year?

You can leave your comments below.

Cultivating Your Focus To Financial Freedom

by Cheval John

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Disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate and I make a commission on books recommended. I will never recommend a book I have not read before.

This post is in response to Natalie Sisson’s question, “What Is The One Thing You Will Focus On In 2015?”

It is the seventh day of her 15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge.

If you want to join in on the blog challenge, you can visit here

The one thing I will focus on in 2015 is being financially independent.

The reason is because I had developed a bad spending habit over the years due to a poverty mindset.

My thinking was if I had more money or was a millionaire, I would be happy.

The problem with the thinking is that we are not satisfied with what we have.

It is one of the scriptures that said, “If you can handle the smallest things, then you can manage the bigger things. #paraphrased.

What this means is if you can’t manage the smallest amount of money, then how are you going to handle a million dollars.

Example of this is former NBA professional players who go broke after retiring because they spend on big houses and cars or lottery winners who wind up losing their earnings in a few years.

Even though the rich and the ultra rich are financially independent, the not so rich like travel writers, are also financially independent because they understand how to manage their finances.

That is why they are among the happiest people on earth because they are doing what they love.

As Rolf Potts puts it in his book, “Vagabonding,” “The only real asset we have is time.”

And to piggyback on the statement, Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad “Our minds are our greatest asset.”

So basically if we feed our minds with positive information and surround ourselves around people who are successful with their finances, then we can enjoy true freedom to live our lives to the fullest.

What Is The One Thing That You Will Focus On In 2015? You can leave your comment below.

Being A Problem-Solving Business

By Cheval John

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Disclosure: I am an Amazon Affiliate so I make a commission for books recommended on their site. I only recommend books that I have read already.

This post is in response to Natalie Sisson’s question, “Identify Your Ideal Business Model” as part of her “15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge.”

If you want to participate in Natalie’s challenge, you can visit her website right here.

Before the days of the internet, everyone who wanted to run a business had to set up shop in a strategic location in order to get customers.

They had to go through the process of filing for a particular type of business structure like an LLC, Corporation, etc.

And for those who had wanted to become a travel writer, they had to be based in New York City, one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

Now with the internet, anyone can run a business without having a physical location.

Of course, they still will have to create a business structure like an LLC, etc.

And those same travel writers can have their base of operations from anywhere in the world.

The only question is “How Will You Stand Out From The Crowd”

You could start out with building a website and have a blog integrated into the site using WordPress and start spreading your message.

Though I am a strong proponent for blogging, the blogosphere is overcrowded.

According to, in 2011 there were 173 million blogs.

That number has increased dramatically.

One option that will work for those who wants to stand out is having a podcast.

The reason is because there are about 300,000 podcasts in the world today and Apple released their Carplay system that will be in 50% of automobiles by the end of the year.

So if you are creating a podcast from New Zealand, then people who are either commuting to work, cleaning the house, etc. will be able to listen to your show.

So how does this relate to Natalie’s question.

If your podcast, blog, or YouTube channel are really good, you will attract sponsorships opportunities from brands who wants to get their products out to your audience.

Another way is that you can repurpose your information into webinars, books, workshops, etc.

Also, if you are an author of a best-selling book, then you can land speaking engagements that will help your business to flourish.

Even if your book is not a best-seller, just the fact that you have written a book and the cover design is outstanding will earn you respect from people who dream of writing a book.

Just make sure that you are providing valuable information and are focused on solving someone’s problem.

That should always be at the heart of any business.

So for me, my ideal business model is having an online business where it will allow me to travel the world and experience different cultures.

I have already written two books, have a podcast, and this website.

The only thing now is to become a travel writer because it will allow me to share with an audience about the different lifestyles of that culture.

What is the type of business you want to create that will give you the freedom to enjoy life? You can leave your comments below.

Choose Your Friends Wisely

By Cheval John

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It is true that we need friends in our lives to keep us company.

However, not everyone will be your friend.

Though you had a lot of friends in high school and was probably the most popular person around.

But when college arrived, everyone will go their separate ways.

That moment when you had a lot of friends was only meant for that specific season.

And that is a good thing because you might have some dreams that you want to fulfill and not everyone will be on board with your dreams.

So if you are surround yourself with people who do not believe in your dreams, you must make the choice to let them go.

If you don’t let the people who are holding you back go, your dreams will be squashed and you will be wondering what would have happened if you had pursued your dreams.

Thomas Edison had failed about 10,000 times before he invented the light bulb. What would have happened if he had listened to the scaredy cats who were probably telling him to give up?

*What if Michael Jordan would have allowed the negative review from his high school coach that he was not good enough to play basketball? *paraphrased

Thank God they did not listened to the doubters and kept on pursuing their dreams.

Mr. Jordan and Mr. Edison also surround themselves with the right people and cultivated successful habits like self-discipline, hard work, dedication and a tough mindset.

That is what separates the ultra-successful from the mediocre.

So if you want to be highly successful, you must let go of the people who are holding you back and develop the right habits.

Overtime, you will be able to fulfill your dreams and make the world a better place.

As for me, I am going to continue to spend time with friends on Twitter chats like Tamara McCleary, Rachel Miller, Brian Fanzo, Lorrie of Movy Stream and many others who are making people’s lives better.

I will also surround myself with etiquette experts who stay true to themselves and are genuinely humble even though they have achieved huge “success.”

And for the three habits that will allow me to achieve success, I will aim to continue to write everyday, read great books, blogs, magazines, etc. and watch inspiring videos from people who did not allow doubt or fear to stop them from achieving their goals and make other people’s lives better.

Finally, the two bad habits I will give up is comparing myself to other people and overcoming self-doubt.

What are the three successful habits you will develop in order to fulfill your dreams and make the world a better place? You can leave your comments below.