Houston Has Arrived In The Collaboration Age

By Cheval John

The Houston Dynamo wanted to give their fans a win in the final home match of the 2016 Major League Soccer (MLS) season.

The Dynamo fell short after ceding a 1-0 loss to the Los Angeles Galaxy in front of 21,085 people on Fan Appreciation Day.

Dynamo coach Wade Barrett shared some of his frustration with the media when the team could not get points at home since taking over the team midseason.

Houston played hard against Los Angeles and nearly closed out the matchup with a draw.

Midway through stoppage time in the first half, Joe Willis made two crucial saves that kept the matchup scoreless.

However, Los Angeles got the break that they needed in the 72nd minute when Alan Gordon knock the rebound in the back of the net.

Those type of breaks help great teams to win a matchup.

Los Angeles coach Bruce Arena give Houston a lot of credit for playing his team tough throughout the matchup.

Despite the disappointment that the city of Houston will not be hosting a matchup during the MLS playoffs, they have a lot to look forward to when Partnership Tower (PT) opens up to the public on Wednesday.

The PT is what many in the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) calls “the front door” to the city of Houston.

And the people are not lying because the tower is strategically located in front of Minute Maid Park, connected by sky bridge to the George R. Brown Convention Center and a train ride to BBVA Compass Stadium, where the Dynamo and the Houston Dash play their home matchups.

Businesses and organizations can get an awesome view of Discovery Green Park, where most of the festivities during Super Bowl week will take place.

The PT is now the home of the GHP, Houston First, the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, Houston Hotel and Lodging Association and the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority, which gives them more opportunity to work together to bring in more visitors to the city.

Jamey Rootes, who is the Houston Texans president and is serving a one year term as chair of the GHP has every reason to feel truly confident about Houston going to the next level due to PT.

“When the Partnership leads a business delegation overseas, we are received in spaces that reflect the nature of the region and country, which instantly builds a memorable experience as well as the host’s credibility” Rootes said. “Partnership Tower will enable visiting business leaders and dignataries to experience many of the things that make Houston so special.”

PT has elevated Houston to another level of a unique city.

When people was taking a photo with Tap Snap, many could see the backdrop of downtown houston.

And people will see all of what Houston represents inside PT with the Houston Wall

The project to build the two floors of PT cost 8.5 million dollars.

Five companies provided the funding for the PT: CenterPoint Energy, Phillips 66; Reliant, an NRG company, Silver Eagle Distributors and the Texas Medical Center.

Mr. Rootes used a football analogy to describe the leadership of the five companies who made PT possible.

“This is a very special group of leaders; they understand the need and they know this is a great time to make an extra investment in Houston. When big things happen in Houston, you can be sure forward-looking, community-minded leaders are calling the plays, Rootes said.

It is great that the business leaders were able to come together to build a place that would allow Houston’s leading organizations to be in one place where they can collaborate on making the fourth largest city in the USA a leading destination in the state of Texas.

Small businesses can follow the lead in working together in order to succeed in the marketplace because they are constantly competing against the giant companies.

And once the Super Bowl arrives next year, visitors will see a more “globalized” Houston due to the major improvements to the city.

That is why Houston will continue to be the forward thinking city that it has established itself to be for the better.

Your Intuition Is The Compass To Success

By Cheval John

The inaugural National Women’s Soccer League Championship(NWSL) game between the Washington Spirit and the Western New York Flash is set to begin later today at 5 p.m eastern, 4 p.m. central that will be aired live on Fox Sports 1.

The championship will be held at BBVA Compass Stadium, home of the Houston Dynamo of Major League Soccer (MLS) and the Houston Dash, who failed to qualify for the playoffs.

The irony is that the Dynamo also failed to keep their playoff hopes alive last night when they lost to the Colorado Rapids by the score of 3-2 in front of a capacity crowd of over 18,000 fans.

You could have hope that the Dynamo could have won the matchup and set the tone for the NWLS championship.

But Colorado, who secured a spot in the West-Semifinals of their conference in the MLS, was too good

It is truly interesting that the NWSL choose the city of Houston to be the place to host their first ever championship.

In reality, it should not be a surprise because the Dynamo and the Dash are well run organizations that have made it easy for the staff of the NWSL to select the city of Houston for their inaugural championship.

This tweet by TexSports Publications captured Dash forward Kealia Ohai firing the cannon called “El Capitan” prior to the start of the matchup.

And of course, the Dynamo fans were excited to support their team.

Despite the loss, Dynamo fans were thrilled to see the post-game fireworks display.

Now if the staff of the Dynamo did not like their work, do you believe that the fan base would have been loyal? No.

Yet, there are so many people who hate their work, yet stay with the company because of the salary and the health benefits that their employer provides.

That is why “The Walking Dead” is so popular because people can relate to the theme of the show according to Nicole Welch.

They do not follow their intuition, which is 99.99% correct all the time because they are afraid that they will end up broke.

However, those who do follow their intuition will always end up succeeding in their business and careers.

Maybe that is the reason why the city of Houston has always been the first to achieve major milestones due to the leaders following their instinct.

And why the NWSL choose to host their first league championship matchup in Houston and at BBVA Compass Stadium.

The Trend Heard Around Twitter #BOTPW

By Cheval John

The 91st edition of the Battle of The Piney Woods took place at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on Saturday afternoon.

The rivalry between Sam Houston State University and Stephen F. Austin State University has become a part of the sports culture in the city of Houston.

Every year, the Battle of the Piney Woods has seen record crowds at NRG Stadium.

It really wasn’t a surprise that the Bearkats defeated the Lumberjacks 63-28 with twenty-eight of those points happening in the first quarter.

Maybe it was a surprise that SHSU’s quarterback Jeremiah Briscoe threw a Bearkat record of 7 touchdown passes in a single matchup against their rivals.

Or that the Bearkats (4-0 overall, 3-0 Southland Conference), also ranked No.2 in the country, had 653 total yards of offense, which was also the #botpw record.

If you were a Sam Houston State fan, you are happy to see this.

Even the people behind the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) Twitter account have to agree.

If you are a Stephen F. Austin State University fan, you had to feel sick to your stomach as this lady pointed out in this tweet.

The biggest surprise is that the Battle of the Piney Woods hashtag #botpw was trending on Twitter.

I did not expect to see #botpw trending because normally college football matchups in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) would usually trend if these teams are colleges like the University of Texas, which of course trended after their epic lost to Oklahoma State.

The fact that a college football matchup between two FCS universities trended on Twitter shows how far this rivalry has come in the city of Houston.

Also, it shows how far the FCS has gained respect to a degree in the college football world.

You would only know about college football universities in the FCS level when national media outlets mainly ESPN would televised the NCAA FCS Championships.

Or if the FCS colleges are facing teams in the FBS.

The athletic administrators from the two universities along with the staff of Lone Star Sports and Entertainment were able to put together an awesome football matchup at NRG Stadium year after year.

And their hard work and dedication led to the Battle of the Piney Woods to stand out from the other college football matchups on Twitter.

This shows that if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to put in the work and dedication to be successful in your business and career.

And also solve a problem for your audience because people will instantly trust you because you solved their problem.

NDSU’s Win Against Iowa Is No Upset

By Cheval John

Teams from the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) who scheduled teams from the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) 95% of the time would get an easy win.

It would give them an opportunity to “practice” their football schemes in order to prepare for tougher matchups against competion in their respective conference.

Iowa thought they were going to get an easy win when they scheduled North Dakota State.

Even the analyst of ESPN gave NDSU a 9% chance of winning against Iowa.

Unfortunately for the Hawkeyes, they lost to the Bison 23-21 in a walk-off field goal by Cam Pederson.

Maybe Iowa should have listened to Allie Davison.

I am not surprised that many are declaring this win by the Bison (3-0) an upset.

To be fair, it could be called an upset because football teams in the FBS has 85 athletic scholarships while teams in the FCS only has 63 athletic scholarships.

The win by North Dakota State should not be viewed as an upset because they are 9-3 against FBS teams.

They have the belief that they can beat anybody whether it is an FCS or an FBS team because they know their strength of running the football will wear them out.-

That is why it is no accident that they have won five consecutive FCS National Championships and could possibly win their 6th championship next year.

Small businesses must have the mentality that they can beat the larger corporations in the same manner that North Dakota State defeats FBS colleges.

Unfortunately, most small businesses do not have the winning attitude because they believe that they don’t have the marketing budget, the staff or the infrastructure to cdmpete against larger businesses.

If North Dakota State had went into the matchups with the mindset that they can’t win against the FBS college teams, then they would have wind up losing those football matchups.

Instead, the Bison believed in their strong work ethic and their strength of running the football and knew that they could defeat anyone.

Small businesses must understand that their strengths in building a loyal following on social media, putting out uplifting and quality content through their blogs, podcasts, live video streams and free reports can help them to stand out from their competition.

Most large businesses would not even consider putting out content about their industry because they believe they might be put out of business if their competitors find out their secrets that have made them successful.

When you have the mentality that you can succeed in your business with less resources, you will see the positive outcomes of your business.

And the masses will wonder how did you outlast the larger businesses who had the larger marketing budget to succeed.

The Nation Is Recognizing #HTownTakeover

By Cheval John, September 3rd, 2016

The #HTownTakeover has officially been recognized by the USA.

It should be called the University of Houston potentially crashing the College Football Playoff party.

The reason is that Houston dismantled the defending Big 12 Champion University of Oklahoma 33-23 in front of a sellout 71,016 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

UH students, faculty, alumni and even the city of Houston are celebrating this epic win against a top-ten opponent.

The Cougars solidified the hype of possibly being the first team from a non-power 5 conference to make the four-team playoff.

It also makes a case for UH to be included in the Big 12 Conference.

Here is Elissa Rivas, a reporter and anchor of ABC 13 Houston responding to this tweet about the Big 12 proposal by UH

And the Houston Astros was watching the matchup during batting practice in preparation for their second game against the Texas Rangers

And UH President and Chancellor of the UH System, Dr. Renu Khator, echos the statement about the win against OU as a statement matchup.

So why is it that UH is all of a sudden the talk of the town

It has to do with their head coach Tom Herman.

Before Coach Herman arrived, UH was an above average football program under the previous head coach Tony Levine.

Coach Herman set a winning culture in the football team and even implored the college students to attend their home matchups.

And the #HTownTakeOver took root on the UH Campus and later in the city of Houston after they won the American Athletic Conference title, then the Peach Bowl against Florida State.

I can argue that former UH softball coach Kyla Holas built the program from the ground up and made them a powerhouse in collegiate sports.

Since UH softball or any other women’s sports does not garner the attention like football and basketball, they are left in the shadows of the money-revenue sports of collegiate athletics.

With the above being told, they are a few lessons that anyone can learn from the recent success of the UH Football Team.

1. You Must Have A Winning Mindset

Though the UH Football Team did not have any top recruits like their counterparts in the Power Five Conferences, they developed the mindset that they could beat any collegiate football team in the country.

They understood that to develop that winning mindset, they had to work as a team

Dave Sanderson explained on my show, What’s The Word, that the passengers of the US Airways Flight 1549 survived the plane crash because they worked together to escape the sinking plane

In the same way, we must have the mindset that we can succeed in our business and careers because sooner or later, the success will come to past.

2. You Must Be Laser-Focused on Your Goals

In the midst of the noise that UH could go to the Big 12 Conference, the coaching staff reminded the team of their goal of winning the AAC championship this season.

They understood that they had to beat OU if they wanted the collegiate football world to take them seriously as a football team.

As business owners, we hear all the noise of the rise of a new social media platforms that can revolutionize our business and that we need to be on there.

We need to stay laser focused on our goals that will eventually lead to the success of our business.

3. You Must Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

The UH Football Program would not have achieved their success had it not been for the administration under Dr. Khator.

Dr. Khator invested money into the athletic department that allowed them to improve the stadiums around the UH campus.

And since UH Football is the main draw for the university, they are determined to keep Coach Herman at the university as long as Dr. Khator continues to believe in the athletic programs.

You must surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams of a successful career or business because they will lift you up to the next level.

The places to find like-minded people is at conferences and networking events.

And you can jump-start the friendships on social media in group chats because you will be able to build trust with your potential customer or business partner.

As I conclude this blost post for better, here are a few group chats on Twitter to consider joining:

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