People Trying To Catch All The Pokemon

By Cheval John

The Pokemon Go app has taken over the country since launching about three weeks ago.

Many people have been walking across cities like Houston trying to locate Pokemons that will allow them to arrive at the next level of the game.

Business establishments, sports venues like Texas A&M’s Kyle Field has been the hot spot for many to locate Pokemons.

The downside has been people have not been paying attention to where they were going while playing the Pokemon Go.

It has been a hazard to a degree in the same manner as people using snapchat while driving.

They have been some manuals for those who are playing the Pokemon Game that will keep them safe.

In the same way, I learned a harsh lesson about participating in a Twitter chat while using my smartphone.

No, I was not tweeting while driving as I don’t drive anymore.

However, this lesson I learned about participating in a Twitter chat with a smartphone can apply to anyone indirectly who are tweeting and driving.

I was participating in #sproutchat, a twitter chat hosted by Sarah Nagel of Sprout Social.

As the chat was moving along, I had difficulty in keeping up because the chat was moving along fast while I was receiving updates of the chat very late.

What ended up happening was that I was answering some questions way before Ms. Nagel had asked the question and it caused a lot of confusion to the other participants of the chat.

I felt really bad and I understood even more why a person should not participate in a Twitter chat with a smartphone.

What they should do is participate in the Twitter chat on their computer and use apps like Tweetchat to keep up with the conversation that is happening during the chat.

That way, everyone will not be confused when they are participating in a Twitter chat like #sproutchat.

This lesson above will help the people who are participating in the Pokemon Go game indirectly too.

To avoid my mistake of participating in a Twitter chat with a smartphone, listen to this episode of the Social Media Examiner podcast that features Twitter Marketing expert, Madalyn Sklar.

Also check out my recent What’s The Word shows featuring William S. Matthews and Laura Wilkinson, who will be covering the Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

William S. Matthews

Laura Wilkinson

Becoming The Small Percentage Who Succeeds For Better

By Cheval John

We all have the same lottery ticket to a successful life.

Yet, about 2% of the world are successful for the better while the majority are struggling to succeed for a better life.

And let me clarify what I mean by the majority are struggling for a better life.

Half of those who are “struggling” are actually working at a company on salary and are in the middle class.

And the middle class is shrinking every year due to layoffs and companies moving positions overseas to cut costs.

So why is it that a small percentage of people are wealthy while the rest are “poor”

Here are three reasons why

1. The Wealthy Value Their Time

The wealthy view their time as a valuable resource.

They use their time wisely to develop their skills that will allow them to accumulate wealth for the better.

In the same way as the wealthy value their time, the elite athletes like Serena Williams, Lebron James, Maya Moore and former Olympian, Laura Wilkinson put in the quality hours to perfect their craft so that when it is time to perform in their respective sports, they will excel and outlast their competition.

2. The Wealthy Value Their Friendships

The wealthy understand that if they spend quality time with people who will uplift them, they will be able to succeed in their respective business.

They don’t spent their time with negative people who always complain because they understand that they can be dragged down to that same negative attitude.

3. The Wealthy Are Always Learning

The wealthy are reading books from influential people who have succeeded in their lives.

In today’s age, the wealthy are also listening to uplifting podcasts like the Eventual Millionaire, hosted by Jaime Masters.

And most are hosting their own podcast to learn from their fellow peers about how to accumulate wealth or in the case, how to run a business.

And since I want to be as successful for the better like Tamara McCleary, Christin Kardos, Brian Fanzo, Kelly Hungerford, and Mrs. Wilkinson, I decided to host my own podcast, What’s The Word to learn from the above people and also Kristyna Torres, who is successful in her own right with her business.

So if you want to be like the 2% of the world who are enjoying their lives for the better, then you must start using your time wisely to where you can accumulate wealth.

When you spend your time with the correct people, you will not be like those who will use any excuse for the reason why they are not succeeding in life.

Building A Legacy Through Consistency

By Cheval John

There were times when I wanted to quit my show, What’s The Word because I was not seeing the downloads compared to others who were killing it with their podcast.

There were so many cancellations at the last minute that I was wondering if hosting a podcast was worth it for the better.

I will admit that I have to fight those inner struggles of quitting my podcast even now because most still don’t understand why I host a podcast even though I am not seeing “immediate success for the better.”

I know that I must not quit my show because I love putting out great content that will benefit my listeners.

I am more focused on the long game with my show because I rather have a long track record of quality interviews than look for the “overnight success” of a show.

The rewards for the better is much more satisfying when you grow your podcast slowly due to hard work.

This constant reminder above is the true reason why I will continue to host my show on the platform, blogtalkradio even if I don’t see the large downloads of my show.

Also, to celebrate milestones like the 250th episode of the show with the guest of honor, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone.

Mrs. Gorgone truly brought value to my audience with her knowledge of privacy law and how to avoid copyright infringement with your live streaming shows which includes sporting events.

I allowed her to ask me a question on the show because she hosts a podcast as well called, Marketing Smarts.

So if you feel like quitting your podcast or business because you are not seeing immediate results for the better, I advise you to keep pressing on.

Because you will never know who you are impacting with your podcast.

Nothing In Life Is Free

By Cheval John

Lets say you send an top-leading expert in the business industry about the possibility of buying them coffee in order to learn how they overcame challenges to be successful in their business.

People like Mike Michalowicz, Author and Speaker

Or Felena Hanson, author of the new book, “The Flight Club and Owner of the Hera Hub.

Two likely scenarios will happen.

They will respectfully decline your offer to buy them coffee.

Or they will charge you a fee for about 30 minutes to an hour to learn about how they overcame the odds to become successful with their business for the better.

You might believe that the above is mean because you figure that they are nice people.

True, they are nice people.

But, you must understand that if they spend about 30 minutes to an hour of their time chatting with you about their business, they will be losing money in the process.

Because that same time they spent with you could have went into creating another business idea that would allow them to make money.

That is why the small percentage of the world are truly successful because they see their time as valuable.

They use their time wisely in order to keep themselves motivated to be successful in their business and aim to make the world a better place.

Now if you send these same entrepreneurs an e-mail invitation to spend 30 minutes to an hour as a guest on your podcast or “television” show, nine times out of ten, they will say yes.

The reason is because they will have an opportunity to share their story of how they achieved business success as a guest on your show.

They also know that they will not be losing money because they will attract a new (your) audience to their business.

That is why you see a lot of movie stars appearing on national television shows when they are promoting a new movie.

Or even music artists appearing on ESPN shows like “First Take” and “His and Hers” during the Super Bowl festivities when they are promoting a new album.

That in itself is why an entrepreneur or even a college student should host a podcast or a “television show.”

If you are just starting out, don’t send the invitation to a big name celebrity or rock star in the social media industry because you don’t have an audience yet.

Instead, start with the people you in your network who knows you and trust you because overtime, your podcast or television show will have a dedicated audience.

And a bonus that seems contradictory to the above advice, don’t waste your time chasing influencers because they are busy people and are receiving the same e-mail invitation from your fellow podcasters to be a guest on their show.

When you spend your time wisely and build your podcast/television show slowly, you will eventually gain respect from your audience that will eventually allow your business to be profitable for the better.

Laser-Type Focus To Help People

By Cheval John

Most people see how a lot of celebrities are living the dream of being in the spotlight.

They see how major media outlets are covering their actions on a daily basis.

For those who are in the spotlight, they can drive business for themselves and their companies respectively.

Examples would be sports professionals who are being covered for their sporting achievements.

Big names like U.S. Women National Soccer Team member Carli Lloyd, who plays for the Houston Dash in the National Women’s Soccer League.

Ms. Lloyd’s presence draws fans to their matchups every time they play.

And like the late Muhammad Ali, who inspired millions of people around the world with his convictions and beliefs that he was the best boxer in the world.

Now social media platforms like YouTube has allowed anyone to build a fan base without going through the gatekeepers.

We see many up-and-coming musicians play cover songs of popular bands to show that they have talent.

We also see many entrepreneurs and/or marketers aiming to build their credibility and be a thought leader.

Like Bobbi Pack, who is providing awesome value on Snapchat just by showcasing her personality and making people laugh.

And she is building trust that is leading a lot of people overtime to visit her employer’s website, My Military Savings.

The advice that is out there is to choose your niche that will allow you to stand out from the competition.

The truth of the matter is that if you want to build a loyal audience, you must help them to succeed for the better.

What I mean is that your business, products or service should solve a specific problem.

When you provide uplifting value to your audience, you will eventually build a loyal tribe and gain quality followers.

And you can continue to do quality work that will leave a lasting legacy for the better.