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Enjoy Your Business Journey To Success

By Cheval John

You have ventured out on a new endeavor.

Whether it is launching a business or starting a podcast, etc., you want your endeavors to be a huge success.

You look at your competition and see that they are doing great.

You might even see that your competition is amassing a quick following within weeks and are profitable in the process.

Your first thought is “Why They Are More Successful Than Me?”

From that thought, you start comparing your endeavors to theirs.

You will be thinking along the way that you are not good enough to succeed.

When you fall for the comparison trap, you have already failed.

You have diluted your vision of what you want your business or podcast to be and are trying to copy your competition.

When that happens, you are only following the competition and not creating your unique voice for your business.

In addition, you are failing to provide value that would benefit the people who need it.

What you should do is not focus too much on the competition because you will end up creating their vision of your business and not yours.

Also, you should check out this awesome blog post, “How To Understand Your Competitors Without Falling Into The Jealousy Trap,” by Maria Ross, founder of Red Slice.

She explain the post in depth on my podcast, “What’s The Word?” last night about how she came up with the idea of the post and also falling for the comparison trap.

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It is really valid because many of us always compare ourselves to other people who are seemingly more successful than us.

I have struggled with the comparison trap a lot of times.

Even though I have achieved a whole lot of goals like having my own podcast, running my own online media company, writing two books, spending an extended period of time in Mexico and Chile, or obtaining two college degrees, I still find myself at times comparing myself to others.

We have to remember that they will always be someone better than you in a skill like business, etc.

Also, you have to understand that they had to work extremely hard to earn their way to success.

That is really not a bad thing.

It is really awesome because you can always learn from them and see what they did to achieve their success.

I could right now compare myself to Maria because she is experiencing a whole lot of success as an entrepreneur while I am aiming to be successful as an entrepreneur.

I choose not to because I understand the journey that she has experienced to be where she is at today with her business.

So if you see a someone (example celebrities, etc.) who are seemingly achieving success very quickly in their new business or podcast ventures, just remember that they had to put in years of hard work and dedication to be where they are at and establishing their audience.

That alone should make you appreciate their journey and enjoy your own business or podcasting journey to success.

Like the old saying goes, “Rome Was Not Built In A Day.”

The Right Way To “Amplify” Your Message

By Cheval John

It seems like in every generation, there is a new buzz worth that catches fire and add a new meaning to the English language.

One of the buzz words that is really catching fire seemingly this year is “amplification.”

You might wonder what does amplification mean?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, amplification means “the particulars in which a statement is expanded.”

So if this definition is right, a person want to make sure that their statement or message have a wider reach and be able to stand out.

In the age of social media, it is really noisy because everyone is out there sharing valuable information and trying to stand out from their competition.

The problem is that many are using the same mechanism like posting on Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter, etc. to try and get notice.

If you are a business, you are trying to find ways to amplify your message and make a sale.

They will try to find out which social media platform to use to get their message out and gain more customers.

Many businesses and people will go into using social media as a way to only promote their products or service.

Unfortunately, they miss the boat.

What they fail to realize is that they should not use social media to self-promote and turn people off.

Instead, they should use social media to engage with their audience and build a loyal following.

And for those who do understand the use of social media, they are standing above the noise and are amplifying their message.

They also understand that blogging is overcrowded and that one of the ways to stand out on social media is having a podcast.

They see that a podcast is another way to create a loyal following and slowly, but surely build trust with their audience and gain a loyal fan base.

They also see that podcast has a much smaller competition compared to blogs.

It makes sense because they are about 300,000 podcasts in the world compared to about 450 million blogs according to Cliff Ravenscraft, longtime podcaster and host of the Podcast Answer Man.

And the listenership of podcast has been steadily growing over the last decade.

According to the Edison Research, 46 million people have listen to at least one podcast in a month this year.

So does it not make sense for anyone including small business owners and solopreneurs to have a podcast?

I think so.

Britt Michaelian think so too.

Mrs. Michaelian recently launched the Mass Amplify Show earlier this year and it is really doing well.

It has been on iTunes New and Noteworthy within the first weeks when she launched it and is continuing to do well.

She has interviewed different guests like Bryan Kramer, Ted Rubin, Porter Gale, Brian Fanzo and many others who have amplified their message.

Though Mrs. Michaelian has been a best-selling author, reported from the Red Carpet for major events like the Billboard Music Awards, and even helped launched the Ricki Lake Show Social Network, she understood the changing times and was prepared to reinvent herself.

She shared with me on “What’s The Word?” last night about how she had a successful launch with her podcast, “The Mass Amplify Show”

Hint: Mrs. Michaelian had co-hosted or hosted several podcasts before the Mass Amplify Show:

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One of the important lessons that people can carry away from this episode are:

1. You have to reinvent yourself in order to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media.

2. You must bring value to others if you want to stand out from the crowd

3. You must give, give, give

4. Your career path will change overtime and you will have to learn how to pivot.

If you follow Mrs Michaelian’s advice, you are on your way to amplify your message and stand out from the crowd.

Do you know of other ways to amplify your message? You can leave your comments below.

Changes Are Important To Thrive Successfully

by Cheval John

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Puen

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Puen

Is it possible to do more with less?

We might think that it is impossible to thrive because we don’t have all the resources to succeed.

The first thing that you might do when you are either starting a blog, a podcast, a business, etc. is to try and have all of the important stuff to stand out from the crowd.

In the case of blogging, writing a post everyday to drive readers to your website.

It might be a good idea to start off with writing a post everyday.

However, it might take away time from you doing other things like promoting your post or finding creative ways to get people to your website.

You might be focused on the number of readers that visited your site or the number of downloads from your podcast.

Though those things are important because you need an audience to be successful, it should not be the primary focus.

The primary focus when starting out with your blog or a podcast is consistency.

Readers or listeners will expect to see new content on the day or time that you put out your first post or show.

And when you are not consistent with releasing your new post or podcast, then it will be a struggle from there.

I will say that I had failed miserably with being consistent with the timing of releasing a blog post and especially with my podcast when I started out.

You can say that it was a learning curve for me.

I had made a goal to write blog posts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for this site starting this year with the exception of writing everyday during the Blog A Book challenges.

Unfortunately, I failed again with the goal.

I realized that I can’t keep up with writing three times a week for my site, contributing to Millennial CEO and hosting my podcast, “What’s The Word?” on BlogTalkRadio.

I want to be able to deliver some valuable advice to all of you that visit this site and also be consistent in releasing the schedule.

Since I made the decision to have the podcast go live on the air on Monday nights at 7 p.m. central, I am going to follow suite with this website.

So starting next month, I will be blogging only twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the time being.

Tuesdays will be posts dedicated to the guest who “made” an appearance on my podcast to a large degree.

In a sense, this will be a “Relaunch” of this site.

My goal is to be consistent with putting out blog posts that will meet the expectations of all of you that visit this site.

I hope that I will meet your expectations.

Harmony In The Workplace

By Cheval John

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

In day-to-day business, the goal is to generate enough profit that will allow the owners of the company to pay their employees and also pay themselves.

The only question is if the people that run the businesses will achieve those goals of making a profit the right way or the wrong way.

If an owner of a company only see their employees as a commodity, then they will not treat them right and that can lead to an unhappy workplace.

Examples would be not paying them for their worth or using their title to instill fear into their workers that will take out the free will out of them.

This is probably why there is a tension between the older generation of workers and the millennial workforce.

Most of the older generation are not willing to adapt to the new way that work is happening.

Like collaboration with fellow co-workers.

The question is “Can A Workplace Have Harmony?”

I believe a workplace can have harmony.

And companies are spending a whole ton of money to bring in consultants to teach about leadership and how to make sure that there is workplace harmony.

S. Chris Edmonds is one of those consultants who teaches leaders in companies about how to have a great workplace.

I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Edmonds about his work as a speaker, consultant and his latest book, “The Culture Engine” on “What’s The Word?

You can listen to the interview here.

And if you enjoy this episode, you can go to the podcast page of this website and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher and the newly added, Tune In Radio.

Life Is Like A Magic Caurosel

By Cheval John

Courtesy of Life Coaching Magic

Courtesy of Life Coaching Magic

Sometimes things don’t always go the way we plan.

It is like we are on a roller-coaster.

When we have good experiences that will allow us to be more productive, we celebrate.

Also, we will have a whole lot of “friends” around us.

However, when the trials and tribulations happen to us, that is when we will know who our real friends are.

At the same time, those trials will also allow us to discover the skills that we can use to help others to be better people.

And if we don’t know what we want to do with our lives and figure out our destiny, then we can rely on life coaches to help guide us.

Karen Leeds realized early on that she was meant to be a life coach and entrepreneur and has helped a lot of people to be better people.

Karen is the founder of Life Coaching Magic and is the author of the forthcoming book, “Life’s Magic Carousel: How to Grab the Brass Ring Before The Music Stops” that is set to be out in May.

I had the opportunity to interview Karen to find out more about her coaching practice and how she came up with the title for her book.

You can listen to the interview here.

Hope you enjoy hearing Karen’s journey to becoming a life coach.