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Building Online Presence One Step At A Time

By Cheval John

The old days of having a career at one company is over.

This holds true for journalists too.

The sequence for every journalist back in the day were:

Spend a couple of years in a smaller media market in order to gain work experience before moving on to a top ten media market like New York City, Houston and Chicago.

Move on from the major media market and work for national media like ESPN, NBC, CBS or ABC.

In this environment where technology is changing the way how we consume content, major media and news stations are cutting back on staff to save money.

Sometimes though, people who work in journalism, decides to leave the profession because the work is demanding.

They might end up leaving for positions in media relations for a large company, a professional sports franchise or even the athletic department at a university.

They believe the transition to a media relations role is easy.

They get a rude awakening of how challenging being in media relations is.

Erica Holloway depicted the transition from journalism to public relations with her article here.

Though journalists stayed at one place their entire careers in the past, some still made a change in careers because they were led to.

Sabrina Cadini spent a couple of years as a television announcer in her native Italy before moving to the United States

She transitioned to event planning and is now the owner of La Dolce Idea Wedding and Soiree, a wedding planning company.

She explained to me how she made the transition to wedding planning

One thing to note.

Sabrina knew how important live streaming is for her business and is using Periscope on a weekly basis to share tips with her audience about social media.

Smart people like Sabrina understand the dynamic of live streaming, podcasting and blogging because it saves them a whole lot of money on their marketing budget.

People who are looking to make transitions in their careers should be building their online presence one step at a time because they never know when their department will shut down.

Are you building your online presence now through social media? Leave your comment below

Journalist Are Human Too

By Cheval John

Here in Houston, a top ten media market, a journalist have to know how to do live shots, write their own scripts and put together an article for the respective news station’s website at the same time.

They will have to start their journalism careers in a smaller television market to earn work experience before they can apply for larger television stations in the major media markets.

To add on to the workload, they now have to be on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to keep track of breaking stories happening in their respective cities and the world.

Since a lot of journalists are being laid off across the nation at their respective media outlets, it puts a heavy workload on the rest of the staff who managed to keep their jobs.

So these same journalist are looking for news stories everyday.

What does this have to do with an entrepreneur of a small business or a larger company?


If you are looking for media coverage for your business, you will have to provide a story which will generate enough interest for the journalist to cover.

That means having a blog which chat about certain business or social media trends happening in the industry and having stats to back up your story.

If you can provide value to your audience on a weekly basis with your blog, podcast, live video, etc., I honestly believe you will get the media attention you are searching for.

Now I mentioned “if” because most businesses still believe they can use social media to sell their products or services to a potential customers.

They are still sending media outlets press releases of how their business is so revolutionary that it deserves the coverage.

They believe if they can hire a public relations firm to help them get national attention, it will change their business forever.

The ship of press releases has sailed because of social media.

Remember what I said about journalist being on social media looking for news stories?

Social media is where businesses need to be because it is the new “media outlet.”

If you want to earn media coverage from organizations for your business, here are three steps to follow:


Do not go out and spam journalists with your products or services the minute they connect with you. Look for ways to provide value to them.


When you share a journalist’s story with your audience, they will know they are doing something right in their reporting.


You can actually have a conversation with a journalist on a daily basis via social media especially Twitter.

Most are consistently interacting with their fans to let them know they are paying attention

One journalist here in Houston is constantly sharing live video about stories she is working on for the local affiliate station of a major media company.

She also shares her love for the Houston Astros which I respect though I told her at one point I am a Chicago Cubs fan.

Hopefully, this article will inspire you to take action, build credibility on social media and in the long run become a reliable source for journalist around the world.

If you have any other advice to building trust with journalist, you can leave your comments below

Gray Named SLC’s “Defensive Player of The Week”

Courtesy: Paul Ridings, Jr., SHSU Sports Information

Sam Houston junior setter Tayler Gray has been named as Southland Conference volleyball “Defensive Player of the Week” after leading the first place Bearkats to a pair of home victories.

Gray produced her 19th and 20th double double of the season as Sam Houston State earned sweeps against Southeastern Louisiana and Nicholls State.

The junior from Huntsville, Texas (Huntsville H.S.) averaged 4.5 digs per set over the week while assisting on 71 of Sam Houston’s 90 kills.

She sits second in the Southland with 10.76 assists per set while the Bearkats are on a 13-match win streak which is the longest in Sam Houston history since it joined Division I.

Sam Houston’s Deveney Wells-Gibson took honorable mention honors for Southland “Offensive Player of the Week”.

The Bearkats have three matches remaining in the regular season with two this week at home at Bernard G. Johnson Coliseum.

Sam Houston travels to Northwestern State Tuesday night, plays host to McNeese State Thursday, and finishes the season at home against Lamar at 3 p.m.

Rod Lurie Coming To SHSU

This article is courtesy of Cari Kenealy of Raven Films, a student film organization within the Mass Communication Department of Sam Houston State University (SHSU).

Rod Lurie, film director, writer, and journalist who’s topics often involve politics and women in power will be coming to the campus of SHSU from Thursday November 1st through Saturday November 3rd.

The College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication, Mass Communications Department and Raven Films will be hosting Mr. Rod Lurie and viewing of The Contender, a political thriller . President Barack Obama cited President Evans. the character in ‘ The Contender’ as his favorite fictional president.

Mr. Lurie will be giving a Q&A moderated by Peter Rousell of the MCM Department at SHSU and former Presidential Press Secretary immediately after the screening.

Lurie wrote and directed the widely praised Academy Award® and Golden Globe Award nominated political thriller The Contender.

The film was also honored by the Broadcast Film Critics.

In addition, Lurie created and served as an executive producer on ABC’s highly acclaimed hit series, Commander in Chief.

Imaging a world in which the President of the United States is a woman, the popular series stars Geena Davis and also executive produced the ABC one-hour FBI drama, Line of Fire.

Mr. Lurie has directed actors Robert Redford, Genna Davis, Joan Allen, James Gandolfini, Matt Dillon and Mark Ruffalo and many others.

Before becoming a filmmaker, Lurie completed a career in the military and enjoyed success as a film critic, entertainment reporter and investigative reporter.

Lurie graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1984 and went on to serve for four years as a Combat Arms officer in the U.S. Army.

He broke into journalism as an entertainment reporter for the New York Daily News, as well as a frequent contributor to Premiere, Movieline and Entertainment Weekly.

Most recently, Mr. Lurie directed the remake of Sam Peckinpah’s classic ‘Straw Dog’s’ and this month as a guest director on AMC’s Western series “Hell on Wheels”.

Leading up to this even, MCM & Raven films will be hosting a viewing of Rod Lurie movies starting today from 5-7p.m. with “The Last Castle.”

Then on Oct. 29th from 5-7 p.m. “Resurrecting the Champ,” Oct. 30th from 6-9 p.m. “Straw Dogs,” and Oct. 31st from 5-7 p.m., “Nothing but the Truth.”

These events are free and open to the public and will be held in room 306 in the Dan Rather building on the SHSU campus.