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Achieving The 200th Episode Of What’s The Word?

By Cheval John

The journey to podcasting has been a fun and challenging.

There have been times when I thought about giving up on my podcast, “What’s The Word?” on numerous occasions because I “felt” that no one was listening.

Also, I thought about giving up because I had some cancelations of some guests almost at the last minute.

I could have been like the majority who quit their podcasting journey by their 50th or 100th episode because the average downloads of a podcast episode is 141 according to the website, School of Podcasting

However, I knew that I could not give up podcasting because I loved to interact with the people who did not allow self-doubt, naysayers, etc. to stop them from achieving their goals in order to make the world better.

I can say that I am apart of the few who have continued to podcast because I had my 200th episode last night and interview a great friend by the name of Nicole Welch on the platform, BlogTalkRadio.

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Mrs. Welch host a fantastic podcast called “Real Time, Real Men Only.”

She is a person who knows how to lift people up and her journey to podcasting is very unique.

I could have done the 200th episode without a guest and shared some of my favorite episodes from my show.

However, I felt that it was important to stay in the routine of bringing on guests who are making the world better by sharing with the audience on how they overcame their obstacles on their journey to success.

I will say that podcasting is not easy because you have to put in the work and dedication to make it work.

For example, last week, technology did not coorporate and I could not get the episode of my show at the designated time at 7 p.m. central on Monday night.

I could have thrown in the towel at the moment and said, “It was not meant to be for me to record the 199th episode of the show.”

As I learned during my time as a podcaster that if you want to be successful, you must be consistent in putting out your show at a scheduled time that will allow you to grow your listener base.

In this case, I knew I had to get the episode in for that week even if it was not at the designated time at 7 p.m. central on Monday nights.

Luckily, I was able to record the 199th episode with my Twitter friends, Chris Barrows and Bree Kelley and share the show on Friday afternoon.

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The episode was great because both Mr. Barrows and Ms. Kelley shared valuable insights on Twitter chats, social media and the fact that Ms. Kelley was going to be the community manager for Mr. Barrow’s podcast, “Why I Social.”

The other lesson I was reminded of when achieving this milestone of the 200th episode of What’s The Word? is that no one can succeed in life without help from their friends.

Mr. Barrows and Ms. Kelley helped me to get to the 200th episode by when they took time from their busy schedule last week to be on the 199th episode.

I am forever grateful to the both of them.

Another thing that will separate the minority who are successful in their careers as a podcaster, writer, etc. and achieving their goals of living a fulfilled life for the better is that success does not happen overnight.

They understand that they will have to put in the hard work and dedication in order to achieve their dream life for the better.

They also understand that people are looking up to them to be successful in their careers as a podcaster, author, writer, author, etc. because they want to be inspired to be successful for the better as well.

So I can say that achieving the milestone of the 200th episode of What’s The Word? will inspire me to achieve my goal of being financially independent so that I can live a fulfilled life and make the world better.

Achieving Career Success Is Hard Work

By Cheval John

Sometimes things might not go the way you planned it if you are trying to build your business or achieve your career goals.

Life always “gets” in the way of your plans.

The ones who are successful are the ones who understands that they must adjust to what life throws at them.

At times, they might complain about the fact that they did not get into the desired university like Harvard.

Or complain that they were not drafted by a specific team if they are a professional athlete.

However, they decided to push through their shortcomings on not achieving their desired goals and work very hard to be successful.

That is what separates the most successful people who are in the minority and the rest of the world who decide to complain and feel sorry for themselves.

Jerry Rice, who is the all-time leading receiver in the National Football League (NFL), was overlooked by many major universities because they thought he was not the right fit for their football programs.

So he ended up playing football at Mississippi Valley State University in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).

During his time in the FCS, he excelled as a wide receiver and even had a huge campaign during the 1984 season when Mississippi Valley State scored 629 points that helped them to gain national attention.

After his collegiate career was over, he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ners, where he won two Super Bowls in 1989 and 1994, respectively.

In the process of winning two Super Bowls, Mr. Rice became the all-time leading receiver in the NFL.

Mr. Rice did not allow the setback of not playing in a major collegiate football program to stop him from making it to the NFL.

Instead, he worked extremely hard to become one of the best receivers in the game of football and was able to achieve greatness as an NFL wide-receiver.

It is always important to never allow setbacks to ruin your chances of achieving your dreams as a writer, podcaster, professional athlete, etc.

If you put in the hard work and dedication, you will enjoy the richness of achieving success in your dream career.

Have you faced any setbacks on your journey to a dream career? You can leave your comments below.

Video courtesy of the NFL Network

Pushing To Achieve Your Career Goals

By Cheval John

Photo Courtesy of Stuart Miles

Photo Courtesy of Stuart Miles

The thing about chasing your dreams as a writer, public relations practioner, sports professional, etc. is that things will not come easy.

You might think there is an easy path to achieving success.

That is not the case.

For example, those who aspire to play professional in Major League Baseball (MLB), have to go through the different levels of the minor league system.

If that person is really good, they will get called up to the Majors within a few years or even a year.

Now let’s delve deeper into the minor leagues.

The people who are in the minors don’t have a huge salary like their counter parts in the majors.

They have to travel for most of the year and probably have to pay their own way as well.

That can lead to them having stress and even doubt their abilities to be a major league baseball player if they have been in the minors for such a long time.

Most might think about quitting their journey to become a major league baseball player and will end up giving up on their dreams of playing baseball in the MLB.

For those who keep their dreams alive, they will eventually achieve their goals of playing baseball in the Majors.

People like Alan Zinter.

Mr. Zinter spent a long time trying to make it to MLB.

At that moment, he had a family to support and it seemed like he was not going to achieve his dreams of playing baseball in the Majors.

I can guess that they were times that Mr. Zinter wanted to quit.

But he saw that he had to keep on chasing his dreams because people were looking up to him.

Eventually, Mr. Zinter kept his dreams alive and made it to MLB in 2002 with the Houston Astros and again in 2004 with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Though it was short lived, Mr. Zinter achieved his dreams of playing Major League Baseball.

Maybe you had thought of quitting your podcast, blog, writing career, etc. because not many people were listening or reading your blog.

You might have been feeling a sense of defeat because you see others are successful with their blogs or podcast with the high number of downloads or viewership.

The truth of the matter is that everyone have faced that sense of defeat and wanted to quit at one point or another in their writing or podcasting journey.

I know I have at one point or another wanted to quit podcasting or blogging.

The thing that has kept them going with their podcast or blog is they understood that it is a marathon and not a sprint.

The truth is that people are watching you whether you see it or not.

You have to keep on pushing towards the obstacles in order to achieve your goals as a writer, podcaster, professional athlete, etc.

You might never know who you will be impacting for the better when you finally achieve your goals of succeeding as a writer, podcaster, etc.

There Is No Silver Bullet To Success

by Cheval John

Photo Courtesy of Stuart Miles

Photo Courtesy of Stuart Miles

One of the most important lessons about achieving your dreams of being a writer, etc., is you must be persistent.

If one door closes, you must be aware that another door will open.

Sometimes we forget that lesson because we are afraid of experiencing rejection.

It is true that rejection hurts because we want to be liked by everyone.

The problem is that some people will not like you even if you are a nice person.

They will always try to find something to put you down if they see the opportunity.

If you are building an online business, you will certainly experience rejection along the way because no one has ever heard of you.

You can keep on trying to associate yourself with an A-lister within your industry in order to gain traction in your business if they mention you to their audience.

The only problem is that everyone else is trying to do the same thing in reaching out to the A-listers.

If you want to achieve success with your online business, you must put in the hard work and dedication to make your business succeed.

You also must build your audience from the ground up because you will achieve greater rewards from finding the right audience.

I was very fortunate to attend the Self-Publishing Success Academy class taught by Kimanzi Constable and Jimmy Burgess earlier this year.

The program was excellent because both of them shared with us how to achieve success with our self-published books.

They did not taught the lessons from theory, they taught from their experience on achieving their own success with their self-published books.

They also taught us that a person must build trust with the people who are the decision makers of the large websites or podcasts because if you send a generic pitch, you will end up being on their bad list for your disingenuous approach to being a contributor to their websites.

I applied one of the strategies that helped me to get on a couple of podcasts including Caryn FitzGerald’s Coffee And Coaching Podcast.

And yesterday, I “made” an appearance on “The Travel Wisdom Podcast,” hosted by Ladan Jiracek.

Mr. Jiracek, a world traveler who currently lives in India, interviews people who are also world travelers, authors, speakers, polyglots(a person who speaks three or more languages) etc.

I did my research on his podcast and felt that I could share valuable information with his audience because I had studied abroad in Mexico for a month and studied/interned abroad in Chile for 3 months.

So I sent him an e-mail about the possibility of making an appearance on his show.

I was happy when he said that he would like to interview me on his podcast.

The cool part was that I was able to interview him on my podcast, “What’s The Word?”

I can say that the lessons that Mr. Constable and Mr. Burgess taught about doing your research on the podcasts that you want to make an appearance on and the large websites you want to guest post on, helped me to make those guest podcast appearances.

I also believe that it is just the beginning of achieving my goal of financial independence because I understand that running an online business is a marathon and not a sprint.

So if you want to succeed in your online business, you must put in the hard work and dedication to succeed.

In the end, you will enjoy the success that you achieved because you did not take any shortcuts to succeed.

What are your thoughts on achieving success in your career whether it is writing, etc.?

You can leave your comments below.

Focus More On The Journey To Your Destination

By Cheval John

We see the infomercials of someone who achieved their goals of making millions of dollars or even losing weight in a “short” amount of time.

The people who are broadcasting the infomercials are selling that if they can follow their system, then you can achieve the same success that they and their clients have achieved.

Though they mean well and those claims are true to a degree depending on the person, we think to ourselves that we can achieve the same goals that they achieve.

Or what about the person who got out of debt whether it is school loans or credit card debt?

That is more believable because we see stories on how they got through the debt and live to share about it to many others who are currently fighting to get out of debt.

Example: Eventual Millionaire’s Jaime Tardy, who got out of $70,000 dollars of debt in a short amount of time because she and her family was disciplined in their spending and also side-hustling with various work to achieve their goal of financial freedom.

What about stories of those who are still working their way to financial freedom and are looking for inspiration from those who are on the same journey to success.

Shannon McLay returned on my podcast, “What’s The Word?,” to chat how “Next-Gen Financial” was a model for her new company, “The Financial Gym.”

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We chatted about how her dream goal of the “Financial Gym” was a three year plan because of some obstacles that she faced and her podcast,”Martinis And Your Money,” especially the episode ,”Overcoming Financial Obstacles” with Melanie from Dear Debt, Tonya from Budget and The Beach and Mrs. Frugalwoods from Frugalwoods.

Each shared about the challenges of gaining and maintaining financial freedom.

What was interesting is that they were willing to be vulnerable about their journeys and not pretend that they were on top of the world.

They understand that they are others who are currently facing debt and are looking for inspiration like people who are facing a combined trillion dollars in student loan debt.

They also know that the journey to the destination of financial freedom is really the best part because of golden lessons that they can share with others.

So it is always important to not focus too much on the destination whether it is financial freedom, achieving millions of viewers for your blog, making more money or achieving that prestigious degree.

If you only focus on the end goal, you will miss out on enjoying the journey to that goal which will be enriching to your life.

What are your thoughts on enjoying your journey to achieving overall success in your life?

You can leave your comments below.